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The internet ... a blessing and a curse!

When I am feeling like I am today with the hospital looming on Friday, I say to myself I'm not going to google my symptoms but I cant help it.. I love the internet because it finds me people like me who I can swap stories with but there is so much rubbish out there.. I promise, I promise not to Google anything bad before Friday!!

Does anyone else have the same problem.....?

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I sympathise with the Google problem. It is so tempting to keep surfing and, as you say, there is so much rubbish. I was lucky enough to have some trusted sites recommended to me by a Macmillan nurse when I was first diagnosed and they were very useful. The key is to find the sites that the professionals trust and stick to those. I found the mass of sites offering alternative views and personal opinions very confusing and depressing.

Good luck on Friday



Hi Gilly

When I was first diagnosed my hours of Internet searching just made it a whole lot worse. Most sites are not written for the patient and all the facts and figures just sent me into floods of tears. The secret is to let a trusted person filter the information for you so you don't read the bad stuff, (for example, awful survival stats) - you're not in the mood to accept that even with dreadful statistics you might be one of the X% in your group who survives! This Ovacome site though is wonderful, I was lifted every time I read pieces from survivors of 10 years, 13 years, 20 years and longer. Hugs & good luck Janbeegee (diagnosed Oct in remission last week!)


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