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How common is a reccurence?

Hi.. Im all new to this. I Was diagnosed with ovarian cancer end of march and had a left ovarectomy following that. I now have the same symptoms back really bad pain in back and abdomen and bloating and i have also had vaginal bleeding for the last month but id say it is somewhat irregular to what id normally see.. im just wondering what to do now i feel like im being paranoid but at the same time i worry it could be more than that? can anyone help x

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Dear Michelle

I am one of the support line nurses at Ovacome and if you would like to discuss things further do please feel free to give us a ring on 08453710554 Mon-Fri 10-5.

It would probably be a good idea to get in touch with your specialist nurses so that your symptoms can be checked out. It is quite understandable to imagine any symptoms that you are experiencing are due to the cancer but as they are continuing,it will ease your mind if you get them checked out. Are you having any treatment as well as your surgery?

Do get back to us if we can help.

All the best



my specialist was hopeful it had been removed but he had suggested a does of chemotherapy which i declined and my specialist supported my decision we both decided it wasn't totally nessasary.. although looking back i wish i had've gone through with it.. to be honest i was scared and at 24 i found it hard enough to be losing an ovary nevermind having chemo and being away from my daughters. i wasnt sure who i would need to see? would it be my GP or the nusre i was assigned following the surgery? thankyou for helping x


Dear Michelle,

Of course you were scared and wanted it all to stop! It's early days since your operation, so your symptoms are likely to be due to your recovery from that. However, you need to get these things checked, and find out if it would be sensible to have the chemo now. I would contact the gynae/oncology dept who did your op, and let them know your problems.

They should see you quickly to assess what is needed.

I hope it's not much, and your worries will be put at ease..

Very best wishes,



Hi Michelle

It's completely understandable to be worried, I'm sure it will make sense to get your symptoms checked out and then you can discuss your options again. Don't worry about being paranoid, you know your body best, and if the truth were told, we are all a bit paranoid about it coming back (even though it was 8 years ago in my case!) I would recommend the specialist nurse you were assigned, as a first port of call, as going through the GP can take more time. I hope you will find time to ring Ruth or the team at Ovacome. They really do have a wealth of experience and will probably help you with thinking through your next steps.

It's completely normal to feel confused as to the future, especially as you're young and have a young family. You need to be healthy for them too, so I would say get it checked out to put your mind at rest or get any follow-up treatment needed. You need to look after yourself psychologically as well as physically and it all takes time. You've taken the first step by asking on this site! Good luck! Keep in touch

Love Wendy x


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