London Marathon

I posted on here a couple of weeks ago about my plans to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of being diagnosed with oc by running the London Marathon. I had the most amazing experience alongside the 37000 runners with the many thousands of supporters around the entire course cheering us on and keeping us going when muscles were tiring. I made it to the finish line in just under 4 hrs 15 mins and had some great celebrations with my supporters. It's a day I'll never forget and something I'd never dreamed I'd achieve. Now I have to decide on my next challenge!

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  • Bloody Hell!!!!!! You did a great time. Well done, Cath. Were you raising money for something, or doing it to prove you could?

    Brilliant, whatever it was ...... and enjoy a bit of a rest until your next challenge. I am full of admiration for you. A real inspiration

    Love Wendy xx

  • Ditto! And here's me feelin smug about cycling a mile and a half in 10 minutes! Well done you! Mind you I never could run before I was ill!

    Love Margaret!

  • Hi Wendy. I ran to raise money for Ovacome and so far have raised around £1700 which way exceeded my expectations. I only started to fundraise a few weeks before the marathon as until then I was concerned I might relapse and not be fit enough to run.

  • Dear Cath, You've been such an inspiration that even I have signed up for my local fun run. Nothing like a marathon - but hey I've got to start somewhere. Today I had my first run for about 40 years. OK it was only 5 minutes without a break but I did do more than half a km.

    Do you have a JustGiving Site? Can you send me the address in a message?

    Wonderful stuff!

    xxx Annie

  • Good for you! 5 minutes without a break is a great start - when I started I couldn't run more than a couple of minutes at a time but was determined to persevere and gradually built it up. Enjoy the fun run when it comes around.


  • Congratulations, well done ! Love Sue x

  • Wow! I'm so jealous! Isn't a marathon a 26 mile run? I really wish I could do that. I have a Morton's Neuroma on my foot and can't run for a long stretch - but I really, really wish I could. I could likely walk it, but it would take a lot longer than 4 hours and 15 minutes:-) I'm so proud of you. Congratulations! As others have said, you are a great inspiration!


  • I had a Morton's neuroma about 10 years ago! My GP injected it (very painful) and it disappeared shortly after.

  • Congratultaions. Everybody who can run a marathon has my admiration. I did do the 'Race for life' the year after my first diagnosis, but couldn't even do that now. It's a much as I can do too walk a mile let alone run one!

    Well done

    Love n hugs


  • Congratulations - I'd be pleased if I could walk just half a marathon never mind run it!! Well done.

    Liz XXX

  • Congratulations CathW - Amazing time - what an incredible story. You've given us so much inspiration and have challenged our worst fears.

    I've avoided all running throughout my life but I feel inspired by your story even if I have to walk the course.

    I love cycling. One thing that might interest you is the London to Paris Cycle Ride. That definitely appeals to me.

    Keep on running! love Annie xxx

  • Congratulations!

    What an achievement.What a great time.


  • Bloody well done I'd love to run the London marathon but not managed to get in through the ballot yet also not sure if I could run that far yet. How long did it take for your fitness to come back?

  • My last round of chemo finished in July last year and I started doing a little bit of running again in late August. The marathon training in earnest started just after Christmas - great for getting rid of those extra festive calories! I find that sticking to a training programme gives a tremendous focus to my days and gives a great sense of wellbeing and achievement. That feeling when you cross the finish line makes all the hard work worthwhile

  • I know what you mean I've done a couple of marathons in the past but did you run before your cancer diagnosis? I did and I've just noticed that my pace is much slower

  • No. I had done no running at all until 18 months after my diagnosis in 2002. I was 51 then so my running pace has always been slow!

  • Me too lol but its even slower I just find it a bit frustrating sometimes

  • Fantastic News Cath .....

    Well done you ! and what an amazing time too ....

    Its something lots of us dream of doing but not quite sure that we would ever be able to do it .

    Knees are ok but back is a different story !

    Janet xx

  • Congratulations,and what a fantastic time, well done you.Let us know your next challenge !!

    Love Sue x

  • Absolutelt=y wonderful well done you what an inspiration!!!!!

    Kate x

  • Cath

    Congratulations and very very well done. You deserve to be so proud of yourself.

    I work with two very fit young men in their twenties who have both done the marathon before , and guess what ...your time was much faster than either of them.....what a star you are.


    Charlie xxx

  • Cath

    May I add my congratulations and admiration at your wonderful achievement. My husband's jaw dropped in amazement!!

    I wish you well in the future.



  • I've been thinking having cancer is a challenge. I am speechless with admiration that you find other challenges to beat the hell out of it. Amazing story. Amazing woman. Congratulations! Liz

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