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Any help please?

Hi again, I was here a few mths ago with problems.

Im a post meno woman

Had scan etc and they found simple cysts on one ovary and my uterus was 6.6 thick.

Had another internal by gyno and he said uterus was only 1.7 that confused him and me! so he signed me off as ok, and said not to worry about the cysts.

Now question is, Ive been diagnosed this week with UTI and am getting constant right hip pain that is like a hot feeling and extends up to my kidney area, can simple cysts cause pain? and would my UTI be connected to them?


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I am post menopausal, awaiting uterine biopsy. scans showed nohing. In 70s had bleed & spotting, so think I will be ok. Re bone and abdominal problems have been extra bad at times so can understand your situation. Not at all helpful for you re advice but hope others can give reassuring information.


Hi. I had a UTI at the time my cyst was discovered. I was told that having a cyst made me more susceptible to UTIs. I also had pain low down on my left side as well as sciatica.

Are your doctors recommending surgery? Sounds as if you need to keep on putting pressure on them for answers.

Good luck



Hi there

Sorry you are going through this. Yes simple cysts can cause pain , but I would definitely get it checked out for peace of mine. I had a 16 cm mass that caused no pain at all , it seemed like a cyst but the pathology came back as a borderline tumour. You do need to be persistent with these doctors , it's your health.

Take care of yourself

Charlie xxx


I agree about getting it checked out. You cannot take risks with your health. You can go on the Ovacome site, and look for the BEATonline symptom tracker, to see what symptoms you have, fill it in and print out as evidence that GPs take notice of. I would ask for an ultrasound scan and a CA125 blood test. It's probably nothing suspicious, but it will put your mind at rest

Good luck

Love, Wendy xx


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