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hormonal changes

To Everyone

I have a clear cell cancer I am on second line treatment my tumour was resistant my CA125 went up after my three month check from 13 to 104 I have been devestated since and have not been coping, my oncologist told me that I would have got Ovarian Cancer because of the type of tumour, [clear cell] is different, the hormones would not have influenced if you got it or not, in other words hormonal changes which you would get if you used contraception would not have been effective from preventing me getting this type of tumour, here I was thinking if I had done some sort of contraception that I would have been at best avoiding ever getting Ovarian Cancer, since some reserach shows that you can get a reduced risk, but I guess not in my cause, if any of the support nurses read this message have you ever heard about how Ovarian Cancer can be effected in this way. loved to here from anyone who my know something about this.


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Sarah, I am so sorry to hear of the rise in your cancer marker, devastating it is, I know I have been there and am still wearing the tee shirt. I can't help you I am afraid on clear cell, maybe there are other ladies on here with the same, or one of the support nurses.

To me there is no rhyme nor reason why I got my ovarian - I had hysterectomy at age 42, had 2 kids, was on the birth pill, all these are suppose to prevent you getting the disease - but I was on HRT and that now they think could have been the cause, although at the time HRT was only supposed to be linked only to breast cancer. I was fit, healthy diet, worked out at the gym 3 times a week and it got me, wonderful 60th birthday present !!

What can I say - just be positive. I am into my 6th year of fighting stage 1V o/c, it is hard work, constant treatments, but new drugs are coming through all the time. WE HAVE TO STAY POSITIVE.

Love Anna xx


Hi Sarah,

It is so hard not to dwell on why and how it happened, but will it really help you move forward? I won't pretend I don't end up in tears and feeling very sorry for myself sometimes, but I try to make this the exception rather than the rule. I hope your new treatment is bringing things back under control, please let us know how it is going. To me this is the most important thing now.

Love Lizzie



Hi there my friends, I too had 3 children, took ''the pill'' in between, went through menopause without any HRT and i got o/c. I feel like Anna there is no reason why i should have got it either. But hey Sarah im now in remission so try not to worry too much(know its easier said than done). There are absolutely wonderful girls on this site and you will get all the answers you,re looking for believe me. For now Good luck and God Bless love Lynn XXX


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