My Ovacome

Feeling nervous

Hi everyone, just sitting reading some of the blogs and feeling very anxiuos about my appointment at the hospital this afternoon. I will find out how much the tumour in my liver has grown in the last 2 months and what the Histologists have said about the biopsy results (they were a bit inconclusive so they were going to have another look and compare to previous tumours). Will also see what my CA125 is now doing as it had remained low at 15 before, even though the cancer had come back.

All this anxiety certainly gets ones bowels moving ha ha!

At least it's a nice sunny day for the 1 hours drive I have to the hospital. will let you know what happens.

Enjoy the sunshine ladies x

Love George x

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Hi George, hope goes well for you, I presume you live in Suffolk?, I had two ops under Mr Rufford at Ipswich who is great, although all my appointments are in Colchester (my nearest hospital, but couldn't deal with my ops) Good luck and let us know your results. Love Sue x


Hi George

Thinking of you this afternoon hope everything goes well.

All the very best xx Gwyneth xx


Hi George,

All the best for this afternoon. My moment of truth comes next week with the results of my scan that I am having tomorrow. Also I am having a blood test to see which way my CA125 is going. Mine is actually a very good measure for me.

Love Lizzie



Dear George, we're all thinking of you, and wishing all is going well for you at the hospital. Keep us posted.

Loads of love xx Annie


Oh well, as I expected tumour on liver is now 8cm (was 5 at end of Jan) and a new one in the pelvis. CA125 still only 16, so they've said that not a good marker for me, so suppose will have to have more scans due to that.

Have got to start chemo after Easter as they are full up next week.

Found out a bit more about the ECX chemo regime I'm going to have, apparently it is only used at Addenbrookes and is suppose to be particularly good for early recurring cancer like mine.

The Histologists decided that it is a recurrance of the OC and nothing new.

One positive thing is that the tumour is on the outside of the liver attached to it, but not a metastatic tumour in the liver.

Not looking forward to the chemo experience again, but at least I get to enjoy Easter first.

Thanks for your kind thoughts. good luck with your scan results next week Lizzie.

Yes Sue I do live in Suffolk, not far from Colchester as in Sudbury and have to travel all the way Cambridge each time.

Love to everyone

George xx


Hi George

You sound as though you have a similar disease spread to mine. Yes more chemo is a bugger in anyone's book but don't get too downhearted. You are going to a good hospital. No idea about ECX but it sounds good. How long will your course of treatment last? There will be good times a head. I've got 5 tumours at least. They are responding to treatment. I am off to Cyprus next week and have even booked my Latitude tickets!!!

Its a bloody awful journey (I am swearing on your behalf so you don't have to) But there are good bits as well as bad.

Lots of Love

Sarah (norfolk)


Hi again, sorry to hear your news and its rotten to face more chemo,why do you travel to Cambridge? surely Ipswich is nearer to you .Enjoy Easter,love and hugs to you love Sue x


Hi Sue, I think I am under Cambridge because my local hospital is Bury St Edmunds which is in West Suffolk and they refer to Cambridge, whereas Ipswich tend to take east suffolk and North Essex. I dont mind really because Cambridge do have a very good reputation, it's just the journey is a bit of a pain, particularly when I was in for my op because most of my family live in Essex. I did my nurse training at Colchester Hospital, which part do you go to for your treatment, is it still at Essex County?

Love george x


Hi George,I live in Clacton so it was a pain when I was an inpatient at Ipswich for visiting. My outpatient appointments are at Colchester General under Mr Lamont my chemo was at Essex County (what a pain for parking) small world ! love Sue x


I'm back and forth to Addenbrookes at the moment, as my Mum is in hospital there! Great hospital (if there is such a thing?!? ;-) ) Good Luck!


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