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Any one had Shingles while on Chemo ??

Would be doing well apart from the shingles that has set in over the last weekend ...

2nd chemo was on the 24th of Feb and apart from aching loads was feeling ok till problems last Thursday ..

Blood count was ok on Friday but had dropped on Monday when the hospital did it again ..Hoping to be ok for the third Carbo /Taxol on the 16th ...

Pain like one could not imagine ... Calamine lotion is a god send ...

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Hi Jan

I had shingles nearly every time I had chemo- I asked my gp to prescribe me meds I could keep at home to start taking whenever I got the dreaded 'tingle'. I also got some antibiotic cream to put on the pustules to keep infection at bay. I had tea tree oil baths, which helped, and the GP was really good with pain relief. hope it goes soon!




Hi Jan

Yes, I had shingles on my first line chemo. Luckily it wasn't too severe, it was on the inside of my thigh and the painkillers I got from the doc dealt with it okay. Thankfully it didn't occur again during my second line chemo.

I hope you get some relief as I think we have enough to contend with!

Cathy xx


Hi the ladies ..

Thanks for your message's

Have a really good GP and the hospital have been amazing too.

Got some sleep last night ! as had read to try and keep cool so we have changed to the duvet to the lightest one we have which is a 4.5 tog normally kept for the height of summer ! Plus is not as heavy as the winter was was a bit much for the rash on my back as laying on my tum ...

Hoping theres no more to come out now ..

Love Jan xxxx


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