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Go up the hospital today...... 3 months ago CA125 was 10.8 today CA125 was 1000 (the highest it's ever been) how can it jump just like that in such a short space of time? So my special person will now be on Caelyx/Carbo combo 3rd line treatment has anyone got experience with this and what the side effects will be, obviously we've had all the hospital BS but would like people who have had/going through themselves opinion.


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I am just coming to the end of my line of carbo and caelyx, every four weeks for six sessions.

This was my fourth line of chemo and I found it the easiest.

Always feel a bit dizzy and tired during the first week after chemo with a slight temperature and some hot flushes but after that first week I am pretty ok!

The nice thing is you have three weeks to be almost normal in between and can actually plan your life!

I hope your experience with this regime is bearable and you find it successful in bringing your ca 125 down.

Wishing you luck Xxxxxx

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CallmeMum in reply to HopeP

Thank you so much for this response it gives us something to focus on in hope side effects aren't as bad as the Drs make out they could be.

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Rlenesue in reply to HopeP

Very helpful and hope you are doing well

I am at the beginning of this third line of treatment. My ca125 had trebled to 600. I am booked for yet another scan before we start treatment. So we can discuss side effects together.

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CallmeMum in reply to antheamary

Sounds good to me 😊 It'll be good to have a friend through this xxx

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Use the seach box (top right, then press return key)... there have been a fair few posts about this recently.

Hi Callmemum,I was reading past post and read your one on Caelyx/Carbo, how is your special person going ,I'm about to start this combo it will be my 4th line, I hope all is well ..Lorraine xx

Hi Lorraine71,

We have scan results today which were not expecting to be good could call it scanxiety... she starts chemo tomorrow so fingers crossed it will sort the beast for a while longer. Hope you're as well as can be? Xxx

I'm having my 4th dose of this drug tomorrow on 2nd line treatment. So will be thinking of your special friend X

I have found this treatment harder then the first line in that I get sickness with this but didn't the first time round. But it only lasts a few days and after a week I'm back in the full swing of things ☺ all be it with a few aches and pains but nothing that will hold me down.

Best of luck for tomorrow

Asma x

Thank you so much I'll let her know xx

Thank you .I will start my Caelyx/Carbo next week I ,fingers are crossed and cross my heart for your special person...Lorraine xx

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