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Chemo infusion financial assistance

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Hello ladies. Can anyone in the USA on Medicare advise if she has had any luck having cost of chemo reduced? There is such a program at hospitals, but those patients receiving Medicare are prohibited from receiving assistance. Thanks much


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Hi Sashay if you don't have any luck on this website you could try the team inspire website which is mainly in the States. Good luck Sue xx

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Sashay2020 in reply to SUE7777

Thank you, Sue. I will check there. Sashay

Hi Sashay. I don’t know the answer but an organization called Cancer Care whose podcasts I listen to has funding available to help people—not sure with what. You can call and speak to an oncology social worker and they might have ideas.

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Sashay2020 in reply to delia2

Thank you kindly, Delia. I will see if they can help. Sashay

My chemo was completely covered 80% by Medicare and the other 20% by the Medigap insurance. I paid nothing else. My understanding is that as long as these treatments are in a hospital setting, they are covered by Medicare.

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Sashay2020 in reply to NYClady

Thanks. Unfortunately I did not know that I would have been better off getting original Medicare with medigap coverage. Selecting a Medicare plan was so confusing. I called a Humana agent and bought a Humana plan. It’s too late for me to switch now. I’m stuck with that 20 % copay. C’est la vie. Sashay

Hi Sashay , What a bummer ! I have Aetna and all I have is a small copay in January and that's it. There has to be some assistance available . Maybe your Dr's billing people can help , my Dr has office people who know all the angles . Good luck 👍. Gillian , Mookie Fox.

Ps my treatments are in my Dr's office.

Hi Sassy! I live in the United States and my Medicare covered 80% of chemo and my hospitalizations for the bulking. But I also applied to the indigent program at my hospital. I was accepted and that paid the rest. I’ve had no bills from the hospital at all.

So far mine has been completely covered by Medicare & my secondary… do need to make sure the labs & medical team are using labs & services that accept Medicare…my team has always stayed on top of that well too. If they send something to a group not accepting Medicare one might get hit with a bills.

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