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New beginnings

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Hi everyone someone. Some of you might remember me asking about me getting a puppy recently. Well, after receiving a really a complete response to chemo and complete resection and after a lot of soul searching i picked up Wilf on Sunday. He's stuck to my ankles since then but today managed to take himself off for a lie down. I'm a little bit in love 😍 😂

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He looks very cute! Enjoy him xx

Thank you.. Im definitely doing that He looks like a mop with eyes 😂

Amazing!! Enjoy him on your road to recovery 🐩🐶

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Jayniiee in reply to Lind58

Thank you x love him so much! 😊

Love him!

Hello JaynilieeI did the same thing 6 years ago! She gets me up every day and makes me walk, come rain or shine. Enjoy your little bundle, lots of adventures ahead



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Jayniiee in reply to Bettyxxx

Have always liked walking. Be nice to have the company.. Am looking forward to when he's fully vaxxed and he can come with x

How cute.What a lovely companion x

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Jayniiee in reply to mrstadpole

Thank you.. Im a bit biased already but he is brilliant 😊

So beautiful. Well done for looking towards the future. Lots of love and fun ahead for you and Wilf. X

What a Bobby dazzler. I would say the love is mutual

Aww, i hope so.. He certainly loves my ankles 😂


Very cute and a friend for life!!

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Jayniiee in reply to SUE7777

Thank you, so glad i did it 😊

Hi, I also got a new puppy (adopted from the SPCA - a real pavement special). been a bundle of joy and such fun! We've had him for 3 weeks now and loving every moment

It's such good fun isn't it.. What did you call him? Can you attach a pic? I can't believe how eager wilf is to please and quick to learn.. I'm shattered but it's the best! 😂

There’s nothing like puppy love! Congrats 💕

Good decision

He looks adorable! He will be a great comfort and motivation to walk! Enjoy!

Cute pooch. I'm sure he will help with your recovery. Enjoy.

Hi Jayniiee

I am collecting my puppy in two weeks time my consultant actually recommended getting a dog as they hel p with anxiety and when you can get them out for walks you are also exercising I’m so excited I can’t wait to pick him up

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Jayniiee in reply to Teazles

Aww, he's gorgeous. You're going to love it! x am so glad i did it x look forward to seeing more pics when you pick him up 😊

I also just got a puppy about 10 days ago. It took me a few months of looking at several dogs/puppies… and he is the one that just “clicked” with me…. It’s like finding your soulmate. He is super awesome…. And better yet, he loves to go off-roading with me in my Jeep!!!

I am soooo glad I finally found the right one…. I’m sure you feel the same!! Enjoy!!!

Trish & “Gabe”

Boston Bulldog/Boxer puppy
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Jayniiee in reply to Rai_Nakoa

Aww, he looks a character 😊it's brilliant isn't it... It's so much fun and love

Sharing a garden swing moment 😊

My dog got me through my chemo and op. I dont have family and the knowledge that I had toi feed, walk and look after her made me get up in the mornings. I am toying with the idea of getting another older rescue dog. Dogs are better than people sometimes ! "The old saying, the more I see of people the more I love my dog"

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Jayniiee in reply to Rosebine2

I know what you mean, i feel like he's definitely filled a hole... I'm totally besotted, wilf is awesome! 😊

On the garden swing

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