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New to this!!!!!

New to this!!!!!

I had an ultrasound both abdominal and transvaginal on the 27th of August, on the 28th August I was called into see my GP and was told that I had a large mass in my right ovary and the radiographer thought that there was a high chance of the mass being cancerous.

My Gp had already refered me for an app with a gynocologist, I saw him on the 10th Sept when bloods were taken to test for a high CA125, he then explained I would need a CT scan and then probably a hysterectomy. I had my Ct scan on Friday the 14th and now I feel at a complete loss. I dont know how long things are going to take, when will I find out about my blood or scan results or when I will get my opp. I know you cant answer the questions but I would like to hear from others who have been in a similar position.

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Hi Kittyconcord,

Welcome to our site you might not get all the answers on here but you will get a lot of support, I don't think you will have too long to wait for results but I know the waiting is hard and does seem forever if you need answers you could ring ovacome support and speak to Ruth Payne Tel 0845 371 0554 she is always helpful... best wishes love x G x :-)


Hi there,

I'm so sorry. This is absolutely the worst time. At least when you find out you'll know what you're dealing with.

If it seems it might be cancer, and I hope it isn't, they will probably get back to you quickly. With me, they wouldn't say it was definitely cancer until they had done a biopsy after the scan, which took another couple of weeks I think (to do it and get the results) but they said they would be surprised if it was anything else.

In my case, I had to see both a surgeon and an oncologist, and they decided the best course of action was 3 sets of chemo to shrink the tumours, then an op, then a further 3, which I think is quite typical, but it does depend what kind of cancer and how advanced.

I know it's hard, but try to keep positive: until you know, there is a chance it might not be cancer. If it is, it was a devastating feeling for me, but I got through it, as many women here have, and although you would think it is insurmountable, we get through it and live with it. Some days are bad, but most days I can still see the beauty in the world and be grateful for what I still have.

Sending you positive thoughts and warmest wishes




Hi Kittyconcord, I think there are a few of us new to this site. Things never seem to move as quickly as we would like but they don't seem to have been dragging their heals with you. You will probably get the results of the bloods when you see the gaenu next. Different areas do things differently. My CA125 was over 3000 at time of diagnosis, normal range is 35 and below. I had 3 cycles of chemo before my surgery 5 weeks ago. I had chemo 3 weeks post op with 2 more to come. It is usual for a biopsy to be done before diagnosis as the CA125 isn't always reliable. The CT scan results can take a week, I had my results a few days after mine was done as I rang my GP who could access the hospital web site.

These are just what happened to me, I know the waiting is awful and every day seems like a week. Good luck and I hope things will move along swiftly for you.

Best wishes

Chris xx


Hi Kittyconcord

It is such a horrible worrying time. Would the gynocologist's secretary be able to give you some idea when your results will be in? Or could your GP help? Hopefully someone should be able to clarify things for you.

I like the photo!

Best wishes, Monique


Hi there Kittyconcord ..

Welcome to our family group xxx

I too would do as Monique suggests ring the secretary and push to see when you can go for your results , waiting is terrible ..I had all my tests in hospital last Nov as rushed in as an emergency so mine were done there and then .Ultra sound and Ct but my CA125 was normal .

They knew when I left at the end of a week what we were up against so I was a little prepared .

My op was in Dec and I got my results as an out patient two weeks later .

No two health authoritys work the same way .

Love your pic of the mountains ..its very flat here in Norfolk !!

Take good care xx

Love Jan xx


Hello Kittycord.. I was the exact same as you had the ultrasound and then told needed to have surgery.. All in all it didnt take to long for all the results but every health authority is different it sounds as though they are on the ball though contacting you the after your scan,, Please dont be afraid to be a bit of a pest if you feel your waiting to long ring your GP/hospital and ask them if they have the results. Even if you have to ring every other day.. This is a very hard worrying time for you and they will understand that your anxious. Dont be alone get help and advice from where ever you can.. This forum is the best it really is.. it is a constant source of support for everyone whos on it.. we will all try to advise or comfort you in any way we can.

Lots of love

suzanne. xxxx



Sorry you find yourself here although the girls on here are lovely and very supportive non of us wanted this worry.

I was exactly the same as you all doom and gloom nobody thought it wasn't OC. My CA125 was raised and having had Breast Cancer also made me high risk.

I was operated on at Addenbrokes by an oncologist and once my results came back affect surgery they showed no sign of OC so obviously very relieved and happy. It is not always bad news so just hang on to a little bit of hope.

Thinking of you at this difficult time



Hello kittyconcord,

I'm sorry you are in the "horrible waiting with dread" stage. I do hope you very quickly learn the results of your scan, and what's to happen next .As the other comments have shown - every Health Trust/ Doctor has a different way of doing things. With me, my Gynaecologist rang to say that he had my scan which showed a "Lot of abnormal activity". He would discuss it with the Multidisciplinary Cancer Team and be back in touch very soon. A couple of days later he phoned to say I should come into hospital the next day and he would operate the following day. I then had six weeks to recover before starting Chemo. That was getting on for 6years. Hope this helps a little, knowing how others have been treated.

Sending love and Good luck wishes, Solange


Hi Kittyconcord

I know the waiting is dreadful but I do think your gp has acted very quickly and seems to be being kept in the loop by the hospital - I was referred quickly but my gp wasn't told anything !

Let's hope the CT is looked at quickly too: I don't think they have to be processed in anyway- they just need an expert eye to look at them.

Love and prayers



Hello Kittyconcord

Things vary a great deal. It was 2 months after the first 'Houston we have a problem' that I had a total hysterectomy, and a further 2 months before starting chemo. To me this seems far too slow, especially when I read of the prompt treatment others receive. For each stage in the process I was told they met the 'must do within 2 weeks' rule, but as it was 2 weeks to ultra sound scan, 2 weeks to gynae appointment, 2 weeks to ct scan, 2 weeks to surgeon, 2 weeks to hysterectomy it added up to far too long a wait.

It really should be 2 weeks from first suspicions to surgery. Round here the multidisciplinary team meets on Wednesday afternoons, but all my appointments were on Thursdays, so decsions/actions were put to the following week.

Basically not happy about the timescales, but feeling well.

Hope yours works out better.

Christine x


Hi Christine,

Im glad to hear that you are feeling well now but you have really been through the mill. You have bad to wait a long time compared to a lot of the other ladies on here!!

Ive still not heard anything but I know it really has only been a few days since my CT scan, I really just have to be patient. I really hope all is going well for you.

Love Caroline xx


Hi Kittyconcord,

It's a horrid time, waiting is the worst bit, I felt like you, everyday seemed a lifetime.. If you need treatment, once it starts it's easier as your doing 'something about the problem, I'm having 6 chemos, and op booked mid Oct.Try not to drive yourself mad, it does get easier.. This site is really good, full of lovely ladies full of support, don't be afraid to ask anything.

Love and huggles



Thank you to everyone for all your encouraging comments and advice. Im still waiting but I know it will all happen soon. I am a typical Virgo, I want to be in control!! Its good to read about all your experiences and I know everyone is different. I have been told by my consultant that he will meet with the multidisciplinary team and decide which hospital ive to go to for the hysterectomy, there has been no mention of chemo before my op, not so far anyway. Its a holiday weekend up here in Scotland so im going to have my husband at home from tonight until Tuesday so that will take my mind of things. Ill keep you all posted.

Love & hugs to all you brave ladies

Caroline xxx


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