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Are any ladies being prescribed Olarapabib on its own or is it only prescribed alongside Avastin?

Many thanks

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Hi. Many of us are on Olaparib. I think combining it with Avastin is fairly new. There was a recent trial comparing Avastin alone to Avastin plus Olaparib.

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Cardiff05 in reply to delia2

Thanks for your reply . We're in the UK and although I know NICE have made new recommendations ( Avastin/Olarapabib ) after first line ,I'm still unclear as to its use as a maintenance med .My wife's BRCA - but HRD+

Hi is your wife being treated in Velindre? If so, who is her oncologist? That’s where I’m being treated and I’m due to start maintenance in the next couple of months (all going well) and they aren’t sure what they are giving me either! How did your wife get the HRD testing - I’m trying to get this but struggling at the mo?

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Cardiff05 in reply to MPee123

Hi MPee123No we are in Yorkshire, however frustratingly, we had to make a specific request for testing.

I'm not sure what NICE guidance suggests re. testing (also unclear how it applies in Wales) it would seem bizarre that they (NICE) reccomend a particular medication regime if certain criteria are met ( in this case HRD+ ) if testing isn't undertaken routinely.

Sorry I can't be more help other than keep pushing perhaps ask why oncology are effectively excluding you from a potential treatment ( I'm assuming you're BRCA- but potentially HRD+)

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MPee123 in reply to Cardiff05

Hi Cardiff05 yes you’ve assumed correctly Brca - potentially HRD + and it’s very frustrating that they can’t currently offer testing in Wales!!!! Thank you for your reply - I’ll keep pushing, or I’ll have to try to find the money to have it done privately 😵Good luck for your wife’s treatment 🙏🏻

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Cardiff05 in reply to MPee123

Thank you P.S my Cardiff reference relates to a great rugby experience I had at your national stadium sorry for the confusion

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MPee123 in reply to Cardiff05

I’m from a big rugby family so understand the passion for the game 😁

I have been taking Olaparib now for16 months. I am BRCA +ve and it is working well at the moment.I was given Avastin a few months after my surgery three and a half years ago but I had a reoccurrence six months after finishing it.

I'm not sure about ladies who have taken both together though.

Hi, I am BRCA+, stage 4 OC (diagnosed Oct 2020, 54 years old). I have been on Avastin as part of the chemo and now as maintenance and started Olarapabib 5 July. So far I am doing well with my CA125 stable and below 10. Kidneys are ok, bloods are good. Main side effects: being tired and sore, stiff joints from Avastin (getting worse). Lynparza took about 6 weeks for my body to adjust and after 2,5 months the side effects (except being tired) all gone.

The combination of Avastin and Lynparza (if it works) is one of the best possible treatments available at the moment with really good success rates. They don't have long term studies yet, but many women (stage 3 and 4) are beyond the 5 year survival rate on this regime (if I can find a clip to share the results I will share it again. I posted it some the ago in reply to some questions on this regime. Presentation by a Prof in UK)

I have Olaparib on its own. It seems to be working well. (Since January )

Thank you Paintblobs

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