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Hi everyone,

I had my surgery 2 weeks tomorrow. I came home after 5 days in the Princess Anne hospital but ended back in the hospital after being at home for a day. I was being violently sick and bowels would not open. I had a sleepy bowel. I came out of hospital for the 2nd time on Saturday. I had my clips taken out yesterday now I’m scared my scar will get infected. I’m seeing the nurse again on Friday to make sure my scar is healing ok. I am just scared and frightened now . Feeling sorry for myself wondering how long I will live for and getting myself into a state. I’m wishing I was at work and doing the normal things I was doing. As I’m writing this I am crying. Love and hugs to everybody. Sheenagh xx

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Big hug to you Sheenagh! I really recognise that feeling you describe of wanting your old life back. But you have just given yourself a massive chance now you have had your op. You have probably been holding on to all the grief and anxiety for a long time, now you are through the operation it’s all coming up. Let it go, cry as much as you need (but keep hydrated) with any luck you will feel so much better in a few days ❤️ You have done so well xx

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Hi Lyndy,

Thank you. I hope you are well. Sending you love and hugs. Sheenagh xx

So sorry to feel that you are feeling sosad Sheena but not surprising with what you have been through .Can remember feeling the same & really had to give myself a talking to 😆(wouldn’t have taken it from anyone else) Thing is now you are in the system you can always call your nurse & have a chat, that’s what they expect !

How your feeling is completely normal & it will pass, it has all been a huge shock to the system.Can I ask will you be having chemo?I am now 17mths post chemo & just can’t believe what a journey it has been but here to tell the tale & looking forward to a holiday next year🤗 Allow yourself time to mend& you will ! Just don’t allow that black cloud to linger blow it away & the sun will shine through 🔆sending big hugs Dee X

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SEckett in reply to Mammi

Hi Mammi,

I had 4 chemotherapy sessions before my operation as I am stage 3/4 ovarian cancer and will be having my 5th chemotherapy in a 2 to 3 weeks time. Sending hugs sheenagh

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Hello Sheenagh,

I'm sorry to read how scared and frightened you are feeling at the moment. I can see that you have already had a number of supportive replies from members of the forum, but I just wanted to post to let you know that we are here if you want to talk. Our support line is available Monday- Friday 10am-5pm on 0800 008 7054 or you can email We are here to support you, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Best wishes,


Support Services

Hello Sheenagh, considering what you have been through your feelings are totally understandable , but believe me you will come through this. Whilst you are resting maybe you can plan some little treats so you have things to look forward to. Be kind to yourself and accept help from family and friends when it is offered .

Your nurses are there when you need reassurance and to answer any questions . I see overcome team have offered support and remember we are also here for you.

Sending a big hug.

Jan. X

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SEckett in reply to Litchick

Hi Litchchick,

Thank you for your support love and hugs Sheenaghx

It's natural to be scared and upset. If you feel your wound needs to be checked, you could ask for an earlier nurse appointment . I did and got a new dressing and advice. No point trying to see an actual GP of course as they're almost always on holiday. But getting over the op is bound to be emotional. Focus on the positive. I say that but am bad at it myself. You got through it. I know it's a blow having to go back to hospital. I was taken to A&E after my first chemo and stuck in a hospital almost completely overrun with Covid (last July). Keep going.

Try not to worry. Easy to say I know. xx

Dear candy apple grey, Hope you are well . I really feel I have to protest a little about GP’s being on holiday. There is a dire shortage of GP’s in this country at present (as in all aspects of the NHS for many reasons and this is obviously not the forum to discuss) , I feel they and all NHS will be doing their best for us under extreme difficulties.

I'm sure there are good GP practices in the country but mine is not one of them. My cancer could have been diagnosed in 2017 (not 2020) if my GP had referred me but he didn't. Every time a good/caring GP starts at the surgery, they are quickly got rid of. I refer you to the letter in the Metro from a GP receptionist. Her experience has been my experience so I know I'm not the only one.

Pray, hope and don't worry. All this is nerve racking and normal response to therapy. So glad you reached out to this forum. It's helpful to read your not alone on this journey and will not be abandoned.Hang in there and take care of yourself. We're praying for you on this end of the country. Bumps on this road are bound to happen but the journey to the end is straight and beautiful.

Stay strong and safe.

Dear SheenaghMy heart ached for you as I was reading your post, I doubt there is one single lady on this forum myself included that hasn't felt exactly as you feel now. As the other lovely ladies have said this feeling of complete and utter despair and disbelief that your life has changed so much will pass.

When I started my journey with this awful disease my bathroom mirror was my best friend, I would tell myself that if cancer thought for a moment that I was going to roll over for it that it was in for a very rude awakening, in the privacy of my bathroom I could call it what ever I wanted to, and I did!!!!!😱

In a few weeks time I will be starting chemotherapy for the 5th time as it continues to try and wear me down and get the better of me good luck with that I say to it!!! 5th time or 55th time I will never surrender, not ever.

Fight for your life Sheenagh, the ladies here seem to say quite alot to pull up those big girl pants which always makes me smile. At the beginning of my journey in 2017 I found a poem quite by chance called The Oak Tree by a man called Johnny Ray Ryder Jnr, look it up I have never been into poetry but that particular one is so very meaningful. Good luck to you Sheenagh and remember " fight for your life", God bless you. Xx

Hi Sheenagh.. try to remain positive as hard as it might sound.. fear will rob you for all your energy that you need to keep yourself strong. Personally i meditate to keep myself calm and focused, bringing myself to here and now rather than worry about what is coming tomorrow. Crying has certainly got its place and your new life has challenges but you are still here. Stay strong and all use the good energy that comes from everyone here for your wellbeing 🥰

Hi again Sheenagh

I also meant to say that I'm a professional counsellor by profession and if you want to just chat I'm more than happy to do so outside this forum.. of course I’m not talking about chargeable sessions but really just want to help and support you if you feel you need more of it.. I’m not sure how ovacome sees these type of offers but if they are fine about it, i can give you my details to contact. 🥰

Your feelings are completely understandable. You've been through such a lot mentally and physically and I think no matter how brave we try to be these things catch up with us eventually.I'm guessing you've not be sleeping well and must be feeling exhausted.

Being unwell after your surgery may have knocked your confidence too.... but you're doing really well. Think how far you've come. It sounds as though you are over the worst now and on the road to recovery.

I also remember that feeling of just wanting my old life back and gradually things will start to feel more normal for you, particularly as you start to feel well again.

Hang in there, things will get better.

Liz xxx

Dear Sheenagh, You've been through a huge shock and had a lot of harsh treatment, so your feelings are totally understandable and I think crying helps when you feel that low. You'll soon feel better than you do know and able to put up the good fight like the rest of us. Take care Sue xx


Oh sheenagh I am sorry you are feeling so low. Please hold the thought that this is a setback and that you are bound to feel like this until things improve, which they will. Sending love xx

Sorry to hear you are going through a difficult time. I guess they should have asked you to stay in hospital until the bowels were working again .It is a big operation and will take a little time. I had a few problems with my scar but the nurse at the GP kept an eye on things and I think I was given a course of antibiotics just in case.I had my operation over 3.5 years ago and felt okay after a while. Try to take each day as it comes and you will begin to notice improvements. I will be thinking of you so take care Sheenagh. Ann xxx

I came out of hospital after debulking in less than 40 hours due to covid scares. Back in through A&E the next night due to the same as yourself, blockage, was so scared but got through it. No one told me the bowel would be lazy due to the surgery!! Needed help for some time with bowels, common problem. Long scar from chest bone to pubic bone, but healed well. I used bio-oil after a few weeks to massage. Got out for small walks which helped initially. Please be easy on yourself, ensure your bowels are working, plenty of water needed too. I am 18 months post op. Working again and on Olaparib maintenance. Feeling well but still have to be mindful of those pesky bowels!!

First of all try not to panic easier said then done, the bowel issue does happen think it's one of the most horrendous things, especially if there had been no bowel issue before the diagnosis, hopefully that will be resolved, sluggish bowel is the norm it seems if you had a bowel resection. The clips I take it you mention is on the chest area where you had the operation about 30 plus of them if mine were anything to go by, just make sure you follow the covering of the wound etc when taking baths or showers etc and you should also have your local clinic nurse checking the scar tissue and doing the prep of ensuring the area is clean and infection free, had my initial op in January 2020 prior to covid hitting so unsure if this has changed now due to it, wouldn't have thought so as your CNS can offer advice regarding this, mine were excellent in initially completing the checks etc and then moving to the GP nurse took over.

Nobody tell you how long you will live with this condition, you now have to do battle with this condition and not let it control you there is help in place with alot of organisations that can help and you have joined the fighting teal warriors/ladies on this site so don't be afraid to just reach out.

I do not post much. But read your post. I'm stage 3. Ive not had operation as been told it's not an option. I'm taking the pills and hoping I love long enough to look after my mum.

I wish I could reach out and buy you.

So I'm sending you a hug. I hope everything works out. Xxx

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SEckett in reply to Mossey

Hi Mossey,

Thank you for reaching out to me. It made me tearful you couldn’t have the operation. I wish I could take this disease away from all of us. I’m sending you lots of love and hugs. Sheenagh

Hi SEckett, so sorry that you are having problems. I had to stay in the hospital for 11 days because of a bowel obstruction. I was miserable and I can feel what you are probably experiencing. My diarrhea was so bad and I lost weight. They had to feed me liquid food through my port. Hang in there and try and take one day at a time. Hugs from the U.S. Donna xx


Thank you. Sending you love and hugs. X

I feel for you. Once you start to heal and get more energy you’ll probably regain optimism but if not try counseling. I went through these feelings and eventually came out the other side. Xx

Oh bless you it is a funny old time after your op. It’s a lot to go through and remember that an anaesthetic can also upset your equilibrium for a while. With surgery, chemo and then radiotherapy I always said that in those nine months I’d never spent so much damn time focussed on what did or didn’t come out of my back end!!

It’s easy for me to say as it’s my own coping mechanism, but I just dealt with it step by step and didn’t waste energy on anything I had no control over; if I can’t directly change/affect/sort something then my worry is an empty emotion and the only person affected is me. Don’t beat yourself up about feeling wobbly though; tis a bit of a shit storm we’re thrust into xx

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