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Ca 125 after first chemo recidive

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Hi, we just get mom ca 125, on 24.05 it was 220, and when we understand that it is recidive on 6.06 she get firet chemo today she made ca 125 and it is 235 :(((( chemo is not working? Isnt it need to be smaller after 1st chemo? She has little bit sore throat, it can be problem? Thank you :. What do u do to take up leukocytes? After first chemo it goes down to 2.80 but must be from 4

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Hi. It's very early days so please don't despair. I'm guessing Mum has 5 more treatments to go ? I'm not sure how soon after chemo started that my Ca125 came down but it was gradual rather than dramatic.

Falling leukocytes is a common side effect. Mine were about 1.5 at one point but it came back up. The Dr's will keep a close eye on Mum .

You are bound to be very worried about Mum but try to take it one day at a time . She will be so glad to have your love and support.

All the very best to you both.

Liz x

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Thank You! I hope it will be better after next chemo…

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Yes, really hope so. Do let us know how things go x

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It is early days. In my experience, during chemo treatment for a recurrence, my CA125 did go up. It eventually started falling quite quickly but I'm not sure at what point in treatment that was. Give it time. I'm sure that your mum is just happy that you are there supporting her. Wishing you both success with this treatment. Jackie x

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