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Great CA 125 results


I have amazing news! When I was first diagnosed on 9/8/2016 my CA 125 was at 3,800! On 09/29/2016 it was at 1,594. Today I was told it came back at 32!!

I still have my chemotherapy set up and surgery is scheduled for December 6!

Thank you for all the prayers and support!! One step closer! God is faithful and good!

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Absolutely Brilliant news! So pleased for you ! xx

Optimal surgical cytoreduction can save life.Happy for you.

Thanks a fantastic result your oncologist will be pleased as well. This is a great marker for them so see which way it's going. I know it dosnt always work for everybody. I too respond well to the CA125 good luck xx

Fantastic news , onwards and upwards. Sx


great news!! xx

Fantastic news 😃 x Pamx

Brilliant news, I am so glad for you. xx

Great news!!!!!

Wow that's an amazing result... Pleased for you 😃😃

All that I can say is this is nothing short of a miracle. Its all the good fortune that your precious baby has brought you. My wife too has had her share of good luck being PPC 3C at diagnosis and after debulking, hipec, six chemo IV as well as IP, is under complete remission since five months now.

God Bless both of you.


Ange this is truly excellent news and long may the excellent news keep coming!

Hope your little one is bringing you loads of joy!


That is awesome!!

That is awesome!

Such great news. So great that you posted it. Enjoy😀

Fantastic results

Ellseybellsey xx

That is really fantastic news, you must be delighted. Good luck for 6th December!

Great news! it's such a relief to know treatment is working!

Brilliant. xxxx

This is brilliant you must be really happy, as you say one step closer to getting better, the 125 is a great result so well done

Wonderful news! Prayers for continued success!

Fantastic news! Very happy for you! May all that's next flow smoothly and well! xx

Fantastic news !

Love Judy x

Great news. Going the right way. Ann

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