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Ca-125 after debulking surgery

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My mom had her first chemo today which ended up being pure torture due to the cold cap. She threw up, and doubtful she will be using it again. We met with the pa who told us that she does not have the BRCA gene mutations. She also told us that she had the lowest ca-125 she has ever seen post surgery. It was a 24, 6 weeks ago prior to surgery it was 450. Is this a good indication of how she will do in the long run? Her oncologist had said she had a better then optimal debulking surgery.

5 Replies
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Ca sounds brilliant!, very hopefull, but she needs to listen to her team.

I never tried the cold cap since I came to the conclusion I was putting myself through enough and others had mixed success, bald patches, sickness, pain ect.

I just had my head shaved, bought lovely wigs and hats and my hair has grown back better than before

I’m sure you will get other advice, but that is my take on it.

I had an allergic reaction on my first chemo, but I am still here, Ned,4 years later, good luck to mum


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A low CA 125 and "better than optimal" debulking sounds pretty darn good to me! My onc always said a 10% decline in the CA (during chemo) was a good indicator, and your mom's was WAY more than that. May it long continue. Bummer about the cold cap.....they don't offer them here in the states. Hopefully her next chemo will be less painful.

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Hi Lind,

What a shame for your poor mom’s first Chemo experience. I didn’t use the cold cap either and just had a very short haircut before Chemo and when I was well enough to care, got a fetching wig from the MacMillan charity.

Your mom ‘s operation sounds like an amazing success.

Her CA-125 is fantastic.

Too bad she had to suffer through Chemo, but they have to destroy any stray cancer cells that may be lurking in her body.

Hopefully she will rally through this treatment and you can enjoy entertaining her and making sure she drinks plenty of water and eats as much as she can.

Best wishes,


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Sounds good on the ca125! Personally I hate cold so the idea of having chemo with an ice pack strapped to your bonce just looks like torture! xx

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That's a great ca. Mine was still above 100 after surgery. Cold cap is optional in my opinion. Nice soft beanie hats, scarves and a wig for going out if preferred, and you're good... if the coldcap is too much to bear. I didn't try it, to be honest.

All the best for your mom. Maus

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