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Cancer recurrence in breast with BRCA1

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Hello lovely ladies,

It’s my first post here and wanted to ask if anyone experienced the same like my mum, she’s just had it all clear in November 2019 from stage 3 ovarian cancer and now in February been told from the biopsy results she’s got a triple negative breast cancer, she’s is going to see a consultant to discuss results on Monday, but we find it really weird that she’s had in January good CA-125 results, also blood results good, did anyone experience something similar? She is BRCA1 positive we didn’t think cancer gonna come back so soon she’s only finished Avastin last September 2019, I don’t even understand is it a cancer recurrence or is it a new cancer as it’s a triple negative breast cancer? Thank you for your replies 😊

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Really sorry to read this about your poor Mum. I am also BRCA I and I know a few women through this forum and others... some have had breast as well as OC, others just one or the other. I don’t think there is any rhyme or reason that we can identify right now. I don’t think that because she has BC she will necessarily have a recurrence of OC.

That’s unhelpful tho when you are worried and desperately trying to make sense of what’s going on. I hope that her BC turns out to be early stage ( like a friend of mine) and perhaps she will be able to have minimal treatment. Best of luck to you and your Mum xx

Ahhh geez...... I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer in both breasts September of 2018 after having a clear mammogram in April of 2018. I found the lump myself. I Had a double mastectomy and started chemo. I was gene tested and I too am BRCA 1 positive. While having the standard procedures done to prepare for my prophylactic (CA125 & an ultrasound) my CA125 came back at 106 and the ultrasound showed a septated cyst. The oncologist/gynecologist thought my CA125 was raised because of the cyst. She felt it was benign. My breast cancer oncologist being overly conservative wanted me to stop my chemos and have the surgery. So far I had the 4 red devil and on my 9th of 12 Taxols when all this went down. I had my surgery May of 2019. I had a laparoscopic full hysterectomy and she said surgery went well, the cyst wasn’t there and that was that. I got a call a week later. Pathology showed cancer cells in both ovaries and I had a positive pelvic wash. She was shocked. I was staged at 2B but who really knows what it really was being that I did have chemo for breast cancer and that could have killed some of the cells for the ovarian. A month later I had 6 carbo/taxol chemos. Those kicked my but and I now have neuropathy in my feet. I finished chemo October 2019 and started Lynparza December 2019 and my CA125 is 9. It’s been quite a rollercoaster ride. What I was told is that my cancers are related only in the sense of the BRCA gene but not a recurrence of one or the other. I’m sorry about your mum. 😥

Hi Suzi, I am so sorry to hear about your mother. As far as I am aware a CA 15-3 blood test is the one used to trace breast cancer. CA125 is a marker for Mu16 which is I believe produced in the eye, but noteably in the peritoneum / abdomen when there are lesions or some kind of inflammation. I am not a medic but having had two breast cancers, the last one triple negative, and ovarian cancer I have read copious amounts of published papers on the subject. I too am Brca 1 positive and have seen the genetics team at the RM. Mine are classed as three separate primaries. Only linked because of the mutation in the brca gene which does not recognise and destroy a cell that has started with the disease. I do hope this helps to clear your thoughts. I wish you and your mum all the best. If it’s any consolation the Geneticist I saw at the Royal Marsden said there are many ladies managing this condition very well. Best wishes for you both Zsu

Hi Suzi, A friend of mine has had triple negative breast cancer ( stage 3) and five years on from this, had Ovarian stage 3. She is BRCA 1 positive. They were both primary cancers but caused by the BRCA gene. However, she has been totally clear if any cancer fir 11 years and had no recurrences! Hope this helps. All the best with the treatment, there are many positive outcomes.

Denise xxx

Hi Suzi. Sorry for the late reply. I've just been catching up on some I missed along the way.

A friend of mine ('tho she moved away & we lost touch), told me that she had had both breast cancer and ovarian cancer. She is BRCA pos. Neither of those cancers recurred & that must be about 25 years ago.

My understanding is that if you have the BRCA gene, you're more likely to get those 2 cancers but you're also more likely to survive them.

I hope your Mum is doing well. Best wishes. Pauline.

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