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tinnitus with breast cancer and chemo

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Hi guys, have just had my fist chemo after surgery for breast cancer. I have primary with the cancer found in the second reduced breast and in the nodes. Has anyone else had an explosion of the tinnitus and mussy head. Its so bad I cant hear what people are saying. Have you found anything that has helped?

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Hi Yvonnesimms, I have suffered with tinnitus for many years but I have notice it gets worse when I am on chemo. I have had different chomos & still suffer with very bad tinnitus. I find a electric fan helps at night or you could try music. i have ovarian cancer not breast cancer so I don't know if the chemo you receive is the same as for oc. I would ask the doctor on your next visit just incause there is anything else going on. Take care good luck. Cindyxx

This is a site for Ovarian Cancer but could I suggest you speak to your team and see if anything can be done to help you. Perhaps it is a side effect of treatment and your team would be the best to advise you on this. Wish you well with your treatment

Thanks both, helpful to hear others have had this response to. Doesnt help it go away but hopefully they have things that can help. I listen to podcasts when trying to sleep but this is so loud now I cant hear my family talk even with 2 hearing aids in!!!

Hi Yvonne. I'm not a lot of help but perhaps just a little. I have ovarian cancer & have had tinnitus for very many years - too many rock bands in my mis-spent youth ! It's usually just background noise & as long as I keep myself distracted & don't tune in to it, it doesn't really bother me. However, I did have it badly once following a nasty infection (long before cancer struck) and, as you say, it was so loud it was an interference; I could even hear it while standing next to the washing machine on the spin cycle ! But what I want to say is that it didn't last. It returned to its normal level after a while. Hope it clears up for you soon. Best wishes. Pauline

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thanks Pauline, hoping mine will go back to its normal level then I cam listen to podcasts and other things. So loudat the moment I cant hear my family talk even with hearing aids! still feel blessed went to audiologist and she is fitting me in Friday and getting me new hearing aid. Said my hearing had only gone down a little bit but the tinnitus is so loud it covers over family talk. Frustrating!!!

I also have this shit since december, i had CVP chemo (vinblastine, cyklofosfamid,prednizolon)

Have you already got rid tinnitus? How? I have something like squeaking

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