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A little confused


hi ladies just a question that I'm confused about

my nan has had surgery for endometrial cancer, i have surgery for borderline ovarian tumour on Tuesday.

well my nan has said 'if they were worried about you having cancer anywhere else or the borderline cells travelling and causing other problems, they would give you a CT scan or MRI to see if its travelled anywhere else before your surgery' is she right in what she's saying?

sorry ladies just so confused with this diagnosis and questioning so much and if they were concerned that it had travelled anywhere else when they first diagnosed me they would give me a full hysterectomy not just remove one ovary.

many thanks xx

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A CT-scan is a tool, like a camera to help the medical team determine what is happening inside the body, if they suspect matters are not normal.

Here is a link to Cancer-U.K’s information on borderline ovarian which. cancerresearchuk.org/about-...

Good luck with your surgery on Tuesday.

Hi Anisha. During the surgery, they will be able to determine some of that already, via the little camera (assuming it's a laparoscopy i.e. keyhole surgery). If any additional treatment or surgery or scans are needed, you will definitely be told afterwards. At the moment, I would just focus on the upcoming procedure and not worry about anything else. Crossing fingers that's all you need anyways, since your tumour seems to be reasonably 'well behaved' so far i.e. non-invasive and in a contained area... and might not need any scans at all.

Your nan's disease may have had a totally different make-up and warranted different treatment and monitoring. All the best for surgery. Maus

It’s a really good question Anisha....I am not sure that CT images give them enough detail but I had various types of imaging before treatment. Sounds like you need to ask them more about the procedure and the basis of their approach. I am not suggesting they are wrong but you need to be really clear about their proposed plan so that you can give ‘informed consent ‘. Best of luck xx


My sister in law initially had just a ovary removed ,then a few months later had a full hysterectomy. She's now cancer free.

Hi As Maus said you need to focus on the procedure. That is what I did and let the medical team do their job. Good luck and you will be fine.

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