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Care Oncology Clinic, or if not - what?


On October 11th I will be having my review appointment. If fine I will have been NED for one year.

I'm now wondering where to go from here. I'm a bit disappointed with the oncology reviews which now seem to be carried out exclusively by registrars, a different one each time. One in particular upset my OH and I with her repeated insistence that 'it WILL come back'. I'm feeling that I'd like a more positive and proactive approach.

I'm thinking of contacting the Care Oncology Clinic BUT I am feeling fine and am quite resistant to the idea of taking antibiotics and statins which are possibly unnecessary. I eat healthily and avoid sugar and carbohydrates as much as possible. What I do like about the Clinic's ethos is the more individualised approach with more discussion and positivity. I'm just not sure that the actual treatment is also individualised or just a one size fits all for the purposes of the trial.

Does anyone have any helpful experience of the clinic or are there other alternatives?

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Hello Bluepeterella,

I must be almost at the same stage as you - awaiting my CT as we speak and 1 year post treatment. My hospital appointment is on October 3.

I have looked at the COC site a few times. A couple of ladies on this site are on those drugs. You may find a thread if you search COC.

Like you I feel (relatively) well and aren’t that keen to start antibiotics, statins etc. I have also been wondering about taking Ibuprofen or similar as per Dr Du was is on the forum - she is a GP and believes her remission is due to daily anti- inflammatory’s a bit of a mine field, as most ‘conventional’ docs in the UK don’t seem particularly interested in the above or supplements or dietary advice...

I’ll be interested in the replies you receive & what you decide to do.

Best wishes,

Linda xx

P.S. IT doesn’t always come back, as some ladies on here can testify!

Thank you Linda. It's so darned hard to know what's best. It doesn't seem logical to take a lot of drugs if you feel well, but yet .... My initial plan was to contact the Clinic if I have a recurrence but someone said it would be better to do it before x

Bluepeterella is that you on the horse? I would suggest (alongside other things- I have no problem with COC) that one of the good things to do would be to get out and have some fun! Yes recurrence rates are high but not everyone has it again.....what if you are one of those? xx

bluepeterella in reply to Lyndy

Yes that's me on the horse - my name here comes from our 3 ponies Blue, Peter and Ella. My daughter does most of the riding but I am kept very busy.

Lyndy yes, I agree, but it's the what ifs that are driving me crazy! I feel a bit like I do when flying - if I stop concentrating for one moment on staying in the air then we will all plummet to the ground ....

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