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Debulking surgery private?

Has anyone had debulking surgery privately. My oncologist private wants me to have a particular surgeon and I am quite happy with him but am worried about having some complex surgery outside the NHS. Private hospital does have a high dependency unit where I will be for 1-2 days. Wondered if other people had any experience

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I have and found everything second to none. Treatment, hospital, surgeon and aftercare, amazing and everything done much faster.

That is my experience,but would ask you to research properly into your surgeon and hospital.

I was in a high dependency ward for 2 days and my treatment was great.

I’m sure your oncologist has your best interests at heart, but do your own research to put your mind at rest,

All the best,

Carole xx


Caroles1 thank you so much for this - really cheered me up


Glad to be of help, I am 3 1/2 years NED and getting regular checks and so far all ok, most days I don’t think of cancer, I’m too busy 😀


I have extensive pelvic adhesions due to earlier fibroid removal surgery - did you have to have bowel resection as well. I have been told it is a possibility. By the way any tips for recovery


Also congrats on NED


I had a bowel surgeon on hand and they have never been the same since😳but in a positive way, not being able to go is the worst.

Tips on recovery..... don’t overdo anything, do as you are told, gentle walking as your only excercise. Wear loose clothes as you won’t want anything tight on your scar and just be kind to yourself, rest when you need to and don’t make excuses or feel ashamed of it, oh and accept any help that is offered.

Best of luck, you will be fine,



Carole you are brilliant. Thank you so much


PS sorry for asking so much. Did you have to do bowel prep?


No, not at all, they didn’t know if mine was bowel or ovarian, but it was ovarian in the end, 1c, still had to have chemo though


Sorry for bothering you with all these questions. You have been a big help. Bless you.


Hello - just wondering what the name of your private hospital is, I have been trying to find one that has a HD unit. Lyn x


Don’t know if I can say the name but it’s the one in Chelsea and it’s HCA


Forgive me don’t know where you live. Most of the private hospitals in London have HDU . Happy to pm my experience once I have got through this. Happy to be of help in any way😊


Thank you for the info, am trying to put a back up plan into place in case my surgery gets cancelled again! Suspect I just need to be more patient. Good Luck with your op and yes do stay in touch, I am also being treated in London.


Hi amrpm

I had my debulking privately. It was 3 years ago now, I was in London and the treatment was amazing. I did go into HDU for a day, they were really on the ball and had everything I needed.

I didn’t need any treatment for bowels (although I could do with it now 🙄) After the op, rest is key and listening to your body, we sometimes forget and go into superwoman status ( which of course we are !!)

Good Luck with it . Sending hugs xx 🌻


Thank you so much for the response. 😊😊

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I had fabulous surgery through the NHS in Bath’s Royal United Hospital.

The surgeon was fantastic and used the Plasma-jet instrument to zap all little lesions (200 of them!) on my bowels.

I was in hospital for 8 days and had nurse practitioners visiting me once a week to change my dressing afterwards.

If you are lucky enough to be near a good public hospital, you should take advantage of this.

The wealthy die in private care at the same rate as those using the NHS.

It is also good to remember that most consultants also work for the NHS.

Best wishes,



Hi appreciate this. I think there is good and bad in both systems. The good news about private is that you can chose your doctor, bad news is lack of overall support (I think if things go wrong).


I am going private because choice of surgeon but I have reservations. 😊😊


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