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Ascites drainage and vomiting


I was hoping someone could tell me when the vomiting stops. Someone I know has just had a ascite drained and her doctor said nothing about the possibility of vomiting after. We were very worried but after reading these posts it had somewhat calmed us. Just wondering when if anyone can tell me how long their vomiting continued for?

Thanks so much

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Hi there. I had my ascites drained previously and experienced no vomiting after.

That sounds a bit alarming to be honest. Hope she is still in the hospital or on her way back there, to check out what causes the vomiting, and hopefully get it to stop. All the best. Maus

Yes it definitely needs checking out - not normal. It must be something else causing the vomiting & needs looking into. Best wishes xx

I vomited after my first and second drainage (6 litres each time ).The vomiting stopped after I returned for the third drainage. I then started on chemotherapy and felt so much better.I was really surprised as I expected to feel poorly after chemo.

Surgery in January 2018 then 3 more chemos. My recent scan results have been excellent and there is no evidence of disease and my ONC is really pleased with everything.

Wishing you all the best xx

Thankyou all so much for your replies. It’s nice to have someone to ask for a personal experience rather than a doctor for everything. Congratulations on the good news. Wish you and your family all the health and happiness in the world xx

I had lots of vomiting during acsities befor and after draining, I was given Gaviscon and anti sickness to help, while waiting for chemo. I would defiantly get your friend to speak to the doctors regarding this xx

I had ascities and a drain before chemo and also experienced no vomiting - I would get it checked out as others have suggested.

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