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Filgrastim 😬😬😬


Morning All,

Just finished six cycles of Carbo/Caelyx and received good results from the CT scan.

Oncologist is now starting me on Niraparib, but it’s being delayed due to low white blood cells.

Been given Filgrastim injections to boost levels, but OMG 😮 the discomfort in my lower back is unbelievable. All I can compare it to is birth contractions.

Only used three out of the five but am wondering if I can bear to have the last two! Have been taking paracetamol an hour before injecting into my tummy, but the tablets are not helping.

Anyone else experienced this discomfort and if so, any advice.

Thanks for any help. Xx

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My wife’s onc recommended an antihistamine such as Claritin (chemical name: loratadine) – NOT Claritin-D – to ease bone pain caused by filgrastim. (Neulesta)

She didn’t have to take any other painkillers.

Thanks so much for your help. Hopefully that will help. 👍

Supergran--same comment--I could not believe how painful it was on my back, then was told about Claritin and one tablet every morning and the pain was virtually gone. My onc did say it works for about 60% of those who try so may you also be one of the lucky ones. Keep taking it while in treatment every morning is what they told me, even if not taking the WBC booster. Its very mild (as opposed to everything else they give us!) Good luck and may that pain go away for good. oxox

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Thanks Maxjor. Does everything have to make us feel so rubbish! 😂 take care xx

This is great news, good luck on the parp and hopefully the next two injections wont be so hard on you now that your have got some tips to sort it.

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Thanks for your reply. Xx

Dearest supergran - yes I too experienced this horrendous problem with filgrastin. Once I tried to complete all 5 at the start and ended up in screaming pain in A&E . I cannot personally take more than 2 days worth and actually that was enough to boost those neutrophils . I also take Astragalus drops to get my immune system back and going again - my nurse was amazed what it did for my blood results ( works for some not everyone) I’ve also just bought the bitter tasting papaya leaf tea which apparently supposedly helps ( do not like taste though but anything better than facing figrastin for me as only half way through my Taxol regime!!)

Meanwhile fantastic news you’re being given Niraparib!! I’m quite envious as was turned down for this as my last chemo ( Carbo / Caelyx) didn’t work : so you go super gran!!! Will hope it works for you it’s had great reviews from some in the states: huge hug and speak with your onc about help with those injections.. xxx

Hi Hopefulgal1

Thank you so much for your reply.

Can you recommend the best place to buy the Astragalus drops?

I’ll give anything a try, constantly on potassium, calcium and magnesium supplements as my bloods as so low.

Thanks once again and I really hope you stay strong. Xx

Well weirdly I have bottles bought back from S Africa when pals visit but know a friend bought powdered Astragalus here somewhere and sure if you google or visit Neal’s Yard they will advise x sorry not to be more help!

Thanks 👍 will get onto google. Take care xx

Have you tried Claritin? It is an antihistamine, but my onc said it works for the med you and I are taking. I know it doesn't make any sense, but it WORKS!

Morning, thanks for your help.

Bought some Claritin and it does feel as though it’s helping.

Thanks once again xx

I'm really happy that's it's working for you. I take Claritin the evening before I get the injection and for about 3 days afterwards. I had some mild hip and back pain that was easy to deal with.

Going to take your advice and have the tablets for the next three days.

Really appreciate all the help I’ve received. Xx

That sounds GREAT! I hope it works as well for you as it has for me.

I was put on granix injections a few weeks ago to boost white cells and told to take Claritin. Thankfully claritin has worked on greatly lessening joint pain from the granix! I also ordered papaya leaf tea this weekend and sure hoping it helps the red cell counts for me. I’ve had 6 weekly Taxol - and have 12 more to go. So I know I must keep blood counts in acceptable range. 🙏

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Thanks for your help.

Yes, bought some Claritin and it does seemed to have worked.

Good luck with the Taxol, I had the 18 weeks and managed two years chemo free! Fingers crossed 🤞 you get the same or better. Xx

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Wonderful to hear! Glad the Claritin has helped you! And too you had success with Taxol chemo. Blessings!! Thank you!

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