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Effective treatment


Hello ladies

My mum's cancer tumours are no longer visible on the scan and her CA125 is 12 so that's great news, I know. I am not sure if I'm expecting too much but she is still taking pain relief daily for abdominal pain and has very little appetite. Mum looks very thin therefore I try to encourage her to eat more. I'm sure it's a struggle for her and she drinks the nutrient drinks but I wonder if this will improve or is this how it's going to be now. Any helpful advice gratefully received. Thanks. X

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Dear Christina,

All I can suggest is discussing your worries with her CNS nurse or the helpline here.

It might be that she is feeling depressed by the entire ordeal or that she is finding it hard to come to grips with being semi clear if disease.

Is she still in treatment?

Have you asked her oncologist about her abdominal issues?

Has she had surgery that would cause these issues?

In other news, about eating, I would search far and wide for something new and interesting for her to eat.

Maybe it’s a hamburger or a veggie burger, or a stuffed potato, or a grilled cheese sandwich, maybe it’s french fries or pizza or a Pad Thai!

Brownies or lemon meringue pie!

Chicolate pudding or ice cream.

Rack your brain for anything to put weight back on.

If she is still in treatment, eating will take time.

If she has finished treatment, it takes a long time to feel normal or nearly normal again.

Best wishes,


Thank you so much Laura.

My mum has finished her chemo with mid way debulking surgery and 18 cycles of Avastin. The CNS asks about pain amongst other things like neuropathy as if it's quite normal to have this.

I spend a lot of time with her and she is reliant on me as she can't remember or understand fully what has happened to her. She has done so well that I'm looking for the positives in terms of reduced symptoms and weight gain.

Good idea about trying different foods. I will try to tempt her. Thanks again


When I lost weight on first line treatment, I didn’t change my relatively healthy diet but I used higher calorie stuff, so Jersey milk, high fat yoghurt, milk shakes etc. These things do take time as Laura says. As for the pain, that’s something to discuss with her team.

I hope things start to ease for her and that she starts to eat well - little and often is good.

Look after yourself too,best wishes, Ali x

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Thank you

It's just she looks so thin when I thought after her treatment things would start to improve. Mum struggles to eat a sandwich and when I'm not around I am sure she avoids food. I will try and find some high calorie foods. Thanks again xx

She could be feeling depressed which will affect her appetite. It’s not unusual to feel like that but I would talk to someone about it. Medication isn’t always the answer so maybe push for some counselling instead

LA xx


I hadn't thought about counselling but as you have mentioned it mum is anxious about going to new places. Even going to the dentist causes her to become worried. I try to rationalise the situation with her but that doesn't work. That's a good idea thank you. Xx

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