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High white blood count

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Hi all, just an update and question. Had my 14 dose of avastin and I was given my results of bloods which i had done 3 weeks ago, my ca125 remains at 9 which is fan, but my wbc is 12. Normal range is 11 and under. Does this indicate that it is high? Sounds a silly question, I know it is only over by 1 number but it still concerns me. Any ideas greatly appreciated. Good luck warriors xx. Joanie

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I believe our White Blood counts change constantly, so it being just slightly above normal range shouldn't be concerning right now. It's even possible that if you took again right away, it might be 11, and in normal range. I believe at one point during my mom's Avastin treatment her Eosinophils had gone up like crazy, which made the overall WBC go up too, but eventually it went back to normal. I suppose if you could find out which aspect of the WBC increased (neutrophils, eosinophils, basophils, etc..), it might give a clue to what may have caused it.

Anything, from what you're eating, allergies, stress, mild infections, inflammation (which Avastin can cause), can increase WBC, so I wouldn't worry too much about it at this point. Of course if it continues to go up, then do ask your nurse, or doctor about it.

BTW, that is great news about your CA-125, congrats!


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Thank you for your message you have reassured me x

Hi sometimes if we are a little dehydrated when bloods are taken it can slightly raise them x as long as your well and don’t have a temp I’m sure it will be fine but if you’re worried check it out with your team x

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Thanks yes feel OK so will be having more bloods done soon son will see what they say. Take care

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