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Will I ever feel normal?


Recently diagnosed with mpo ANCA +ve Vasculitis and undergoing Aggresive stage of treatment now. Prednisone and cyclo. Trying to work with reasonable adjustments made by employers, mostly at home. Very tired. Consultant tells me I will feel better when aggressive intervention moves to maintenance. Is that true? I was lucky in that I was caught early and kidney damage not as severe as could be and improving.

Also, is there anything I can give to my employers to explain the condition? Occupational Health virtually repeated back what I told them.

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I am not sure what your condition is. This is an ovarian cancer site. Is that what you have? However, the way you are feeling is common to the way we with OC feel when undergoing treatment. All I can say for myself, is that I will never feel "the normal" that I felt before being diagnosed. I now have learned to live and accept my "new normal" and that is what I strive to maintain. You will find that you still enjoy friends and family, and sunny days and holidays etc. It is not bad, just different. I wish you all the best with your treatment.