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Spleen lessions


Hello ladies

I hope u all are doing great. My mum was diagnosed with oc stage 3c in aug2009 ,after 6 cycle of carbo/taxol and hysterectomy she managed to be remission for 2.5 years and then in 2012 it was back in her brain. After surgery, chemo and 10 round of radiation she again achieved remission till now. It is only in previous 2 check up ca125 is rising slowly 5 to 10.6 to 11.6 and scan shows multiple focal lesions on spleen. We are terrified what if it's back again. Want to hear some encouraging experience related to spleen lesions can it be mere inflammation?

Sorry for writing in such detail.

Thankyou. God bless you all

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I had my spleen removed along with everything else in 2015. Hasn’t affected my life at all other than I had to have some extra vaccinations and I now take a daily low dose of penecillin. If it does turn out to be cancer lesions I guess surgery would be something worth exploring?

Best wishes

Becky xx

0098 in reply to Beckyjh

Oncologist ruled out surgery (unknown reason) and advised to start 6 round of chemo if they grow aggressively. Thankyou for the reply.

Stay strong ! God bless you

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