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Stomach pains with caelyx


Hello ladies Im new here but have been taking your advise. I'm on day 10 of second line Caelyx (recurrence after after 3 months) the first week was pretty much the same as carbo/taxol but yesterday developed really bad stomach pains although I have got a stoma as well and so the Diareah has been worse. I was wondering has anyone else experienced this. It's making me think that I won't be able to do another 5.

Thanks Fiona x

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Hi, Fiona, I had quite a bit of experience with caelyx with good results, I managed the full treatment but did have some bad pains talk to your team and ask for pain management, I took Endone.

I hope it's sorted out soon and you manage the full treatment ,take care Lorraine xx

Thanks Lorraine, had a bit of a wobbly this morning, still got the pains but not as bad as yesterday . Glad to hear you had good result it's nice to hear that it will hopefully be worth the pain, had a visit from my sister and am feeling more positive. X. Fiona.

I had chronic stomach pains on Caelyx and had to lie down all the time. I resorted to a liquid diet of home made soups and this helped a bit.

Hi BLiney, sorry it's took so long to reply, unfortunately I ended up in hospital for four days with a bowel blockage we think due to a tumour in the bowel, so you did right because I am now on a soft diet too. I have a stoma which also complicates things food wise. I have an appointment with the oncologist on Thursday so hope he's got something up his sleeve.

Thanks. Fiona. Xx

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