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Help. Anyone had the same

Feeling low. 2 years in remission been told i ha e nodules growing next to bowel and bladder. Currently taking letrozole.stomach feels so big x

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My recurrence occurred in several places in the peritoneal cavity and I wasn't on Letrozole but I can identify with how awful a recurrence is. It hits like a ton of bricks eh? I'm just on the brink of another (Ca125 rising) having done 3 years 3 months since my recurrence was diagnosed. Chin up, you'll feel better when you've got a plan.

Take good care.

Sandra x


I have been on Letrozole since last August, after 3rd recurrence and have felt very down I have wondered whether these moods are due to the Letrozole. I think most of the ladies on here get those good and bad times.Ca125 is not a good marker for me, I hope you will soon feel better.Love Bridie


Ty bridie I also feel down too. I have read they do cause low mood xxx


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