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Biopsy appointment

Hello all. I went to gyne onc for what was supposed to be a biopsy of lesions on my liver. Gynecologist informs me the newest lesion is in a difficult spot to biopsy and wants to have a MRI first. The lesions were originally found on my 3month and 6 month ct scans . I have been worried sick. Apparently the MRI gives a better picture than the crazy scan. So I will wait once again. So bummed I was hoping to get some answers.

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Thanks for letting us know.

My old hospital only used to use CT scans, but my new hospital only uses MRIs for abdomen/pelvis (CT for chest). Someone did explain why they use one over the other, but I can’t remember the answer now!

I hope you don’t have long to wait.


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Thank you Vicki for your response. I was expecting to know if the oc had spread I'm not certain why I'm anxious to know though it is kind of odd of me but I guess I would rather know and work on the solution. Best wishes xxx


It is always difficult waiting for all these results as in general it makes your mind work overtime. With MRI I believe that they can see more in depth than with a CT scan. I hope that things work in your favour & that they do not find other problems. xxx

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