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Being outdoors makes such a difference!

Some musings for a Sunday afternoon. I haven’t posted in a while but I read regularly how everyone is getting on and although sad by a lot of the news we’ve had recently I’m still inspired by how upbeat everyone can be. I have my 3 month check on Friday and although I know we all get anxious I am almost resigned to the fact that they’re going to tell me it’s back 😕 I finished second line treatment last June and was NED but for the last few weeks I’ve had a pain down my right side, concentrated around my kidney area. I had slight symptoms of a UTI too so hopefully went to the GP so see if that’s what it was - it wasn’t. That was 3 weeks ago and the pain has if anything got worse. I can only describe it like someone has an elastic band around my bowel and kidney and is pulling it tight. I’ve been constipated on and off (although that is t anything new) and just the last couple of days I e started to lose my appetite. I had a CA 125 done last week so will get the results when I see my onc on Friday. Been feeling pretty miserable but currently sitting in my garden -(big coat and woolly hat on!) and this has definitely lifted my spirits. Listening to birdsong and there’s even a couple of daisy’s poking through the grass. What will be will be and at least by next weekend I’ll definitely know one way or another.

Happy Sunday everyone xx


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Hi Becky sounds like a you have the right attitude ti fight this disease, I'm still going 5 years on. I enjoyed walking the dog and two grand daughters yesterday . We need to make the most of each day. Keep us posted. Love Bridie

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