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Hello all,

I got into a bit of a state last June due to adhesions following surgery the June before. Luckily three weeks of nil by mouth followed by surgery sorted it.

Now I’m having symptoms again which suggest they are back. I’m seeing my surgeon who kind of just says when and if they cause a blockage we will deal with them. He is also testing bloods etc to make sure it’s not a recurrence an ultrasound showed nothing.

Has anyone else had issues with adhesions, any hints/tips would be very much appreciated.

Thanks, Lisa x

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Hi Lisa. I have just had surgery for a blocked bowel caused by adhesions. I was very ill, due to a hospital doctor not picking up on it, and sending me home! However, I am recovering well, but am terrified that it could happen again. From what I understand, there is nothing I can do to prevent it. It seems that if it is going to happen again it will!



Hi Jenny,

Your experience sounds very similar to mine last year. The hospital thought I had a bug and two days later I had septicaemia and 0 Kitney function.

I have been fine since but this week I feel the same as I did at the start of the last episode in the same place.

You seem to have had the same advice too. I don’t want to end up in the same state as last time so desperate for tips if there are any.

I’m eating a low residue diet this week which seems to be helping a little.

Thanks for your reply I really appreciate you taking the time. It’s good to hear you have had the same info.

Lisa x


I had surgery 2 years ago, after an emergency admission, for a blocked bowel which was caused by adhesions - they basically act as a brake on the constant movement needed for the bowel to work.

I had been having symptoms on and off for about a year (with hindsight) but scans showed nothing. There was a woman in at the same time as me who'd been on nil by mouth for 3 weeks and it worked.

I've been absolutely fine since but have always worried about it happening again. What you're doing is what I planned: white food, lots of water and low residue, but the continuing worry for me is: if the bowel is not so much blocked as held back, would this make any difference?

Best of luck with it and let us know of any good tips you pick up. x


I will do Mac27, it seems quite a common side effect. Pleased you feel ok now. X


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