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Ca125 update

So second bloods done and risen to 43, not massive but still I’m freaking out! Bowels all ok, little backache and odd bits off tummy ache but nothing consistent. Appetite great and feeling well. Hospital app next Wednesday arrange. Doctor said not to worry but it’s so hard not to.

Feeling deflated xxx

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Sorry you have joined the freak out club Samjane. My ca125 was up to 65 from 25 last apt and a ct scan has been ordered..or has it because I’ve heard nothing for nearly 2 weeks!! I feel well apart from the crippling worry....L xx


I feel fine odd niggles but nowt major

Thank you xx


Hi Samjane,

I understand exactly how you feel.

I have had a rising CA125 since last September. It started to go up while I was having Avastin, the lowest it’s ever been was 22 - it’s now 290. I’ve had three scans since the rise started - none of them show any changes since February 2017. I’m back to see the consultant on Friday for the results of last weeks scan - he has examined me and doesn’t think I am recurring as there is nothing to feel and my appetite, bowels and bladder are all working - I do have random abdominal discomforts, but he thinks it could still be due to my operation.

We all know that CA125 is an indicator of the cancer, but it is only one tool at the professionals disposal to be used in assessing patients.

Please don’t worry - after all, many women may have a naturally higher reading, but have never been investigated.

Good luck with your appointment, I hope all is well.

Best wishes, Ali x


Thank you, xxx


Good luck with your appointment, Sam. You’ve done really well so far. Fingers crossed this is just a blip.

Vicki x


Thank you, think it's cause I've gone so far it's gutting me. Xx


Hi love,

Try not to overthink, you are being looked after, just make notes of your symptoms and discuss at your appointment. Worrying won’t make it any better,but get advice to ease your mind,

Carole xxx

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Thank you xxx


Hi, As usual the ladies have given you some good advice I just add my best wish for your appointment, remember other factors can rise your 125 ..take car Lorraine xx

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My ca125 has risen from 11 to 181 in 3 months my dr says nothing will show on scan until the numbers are a lot higher and he said to wait 6 weeks to do another ca 125 and take it from there.

I wouldn’t worry but the waiting is freaking hard so I can understand.



Waiting is awful, but I’m curious about your onc’s comment... never heard that before. I know it can take time for something to show but not that there was a connection with the numbers. My own CA 125 has never been higher than 260 or so and that’s never stopped anything being seen. Stay strong xx


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