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Tomorrow I’m going to see my consultant to find out the results of my scan. My CA125 has been steadily rising since September but scans haven’t shown any progression of disease. I can’t help feeling that things are on the move again, but so far I have been told that I am stable.

I called the hospital earlier and they have told me that the scan report from last week isn’t in my notes yet, so I’m going to phone first thing to see if they can get it done urgently.

To be honest, I’m posting this because I’m a bit anxious that they will have found something and that all my plans for this year will be put on hold - this includes a trip to New Zealand, a trip through Scandinavia on the train and a trip to the Caribbean to meet my lovely bloke who is sailing across the Atlantic in November. (I’m spending the money I saved up over a number of years to enjoy a long and healthy retirement haha!).

Thanks for listening, I feel better for off loading my worries to people who I know will understand. What a brilliant forum this is.

Hoping all is as well as it can be for all of you lovely folk.

Best wishes Ali x

PS: I said I would post a picture of the knitted Christmas wreath I finished too late for Christmas so I’ll try now!

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Ha, thought that was broccoli at first! That must have taken you some time to knit, I managed a small penguin cross stitch Xmas card and that took me forever..

Are your holiday plans at the plan stage or booked? Sounds a wonderful selection so hope you get good news today, stay well and are able to go for it

We off to TEnerife on Saturday for a week... hope to get to Seville in April ( after new kitchen refit) and maybe more holiday stuff after. It all depends on....

Yes forget the saving now... it's spending the future retirement funds, we are not going to need it for a nursing home that's for sure - and that is a minor blessing...😜 I think!

Let us know the outcome. Take care

Janet x🌈

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Curly kale!

We had our kitchen done (back to the brickwork) in the week I had my operation - microwave, camping gas and a slow cooker; no hot water either. It’s a miracle I survived! I think we’re waiting until I have more chemo to have the bathroom done!

Holidays aren’t booked - well, not mine. Most of this year’s holidays revolve around Tom’s sailing - he has three big trips lined up accompanying our friend on his retirement adventure - it means I’ll be on my own for quite some time, but good friends and family are nearby to rally round if needs be!

Thanks Janet, enjoy Tenerife


Good luck at the hospital today, and fingers crossed you can get those fabulous holidays booked 🤞

Your knitted wreath is excellent! My mother in law is a knitter, and has knitted nativity scenes for next Christmas for my girls - Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus in a manager, wise men, shepherds, an angel, all the animals and the stable itself. It’s amazing!

Vicki x


Wow! That sounds amazing. I found out only this year (perhaps everyone knows this but I didn't) that initially you only have the animals in the stable until Christmas Day when you put the baby Jesus into the manger and Mary and Joseph alongside. Then the shepherds and later on the wise men as they were still following the star. I rushed to sort mine out properly (not knitting but olive wood from Bethlehem). I'm not religious but I do like traditions......I also have the Snowman outside the stable which looks a little incongruous but I've done it for a few years.


Well that makes sense if you think about the nativity story.

In my case, baby Jesus ends up under the sofa, Mary’s headcovering falls off, one of the shepherds claims paternity over the baby, and the cat chews one of the wise men...

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Tee hee!


Thanks Vicky

Wow! That sounds impressive! The wreath tried my patience - not sure I have much left!

Best wishes, Ali x


I’m in awe of anyone who can knit anything! I can do a basic stitch, but have never learnt how to do anything else. My MiL is trying to teach my eldest daughter at the moment - we now have a selection of dish cloths!


Love the wreath. Everything crossed for your appointment. xx


The wreath is fantastic, just don't forget where you put it for next Christmas. I can see the red holly berries are knitted, are the brownish ones too? Even if something is seen on the scan, it doesn't necessarily mean your travel plans will need to be abandoned. Things may move so slowly there'll be no reason for you not to go away. I went from May to October this Summer just gone, with a slow but steady monthly increase in CA-125 and no real symptoms other than those imaginary ones. By which I mean, headache is bound to mean the cancer cells have got to my brain, ignoring the fact I'd been squinting in the sun. In reality I was perfectly well and able to do all my normal things.

Wishing you good news tomorrow and you can have these wonderful sounding holidays. Have you abandoned the ski-ing trip?

All the best !



Hi Helen,

It is highly likely I will put it somewhere “safe”!

Skiing hasn’t been abandoned - I didn’t mention it because in my head there’s no way I will miss it. Even if I need more treatment, I’ll delay it until after that holiday!!

Hope all is as well as it can be with you, Ali x

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I'm also in awe of knitters, and love to hear about holidays - fingers crossed they all work out. Right now Im sitting in the Onc waiting room, waiting to find out if it's more chemo or 'watch & wait' for me, so it's fingers crossed for me too.

Iris xx


Hope all is well, Iris - sending good thoughts from sunny Birmingham (I’m lying!)

Ali x

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Thank you Ali, it was good news as the cancer isn't actively growing. Unfortunately it is still messing up my digestion, but that just needs management and In working on that 😏


What a super wreath! Sailing the Atlantic was always one of my ambitions too....but am saving some things for the next life(!)

Would be good if I could make 70 tho'.....good luck with next opinions/ appts....Chris xxx

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