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Hi everyone,

I'm new to this post I want to thank you all for sharing your post it is very helpful info.my name is rosey im 40 yrs old.. Last Nov I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.. Dr in sf tried to remove 1cm tumor from my pancreas but was unsuccessful because the artery was feeding it. so I was referred to a oncologist I started chemo last Dec and i was on my last 2 cycle when I became very sick and ended up in the hospital in Dec2016 because I was vomiting and unable to eat or drink for about a week..at the hospital a endoscopy test was done and I was told I have cancer in the omentum.. my oncologist said the same that it's treatable but not curable.. and removable is not an option at this point until futher test be done i go on tues for mri and end of jan for ct.. it's hard for me to get appts rt away because I have no INS just medical and I need to wait and see when medical approves my appts ;( in saying this I 've been on medication for nausea and steroids for about 2weeks now last week I was able to eat a little and as of yesterday I started vomiting again;( does any one have any suggestions what to eat??

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Do you know yet if the cancer in the omentum is from the pancreatic cancer or is it a different ovarian-type cancer? If it’s pancreatic you may get more targeted advice from a pancreatic support group.

It would appear the meds you’ve been prescribed are not keeping the nausea at bay so I would suggest you ask your team for something else.

Hope the results of the tests show good news.

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I can only tell you what worked for me before and during chemo. Of course, I'm not a doctor, so keep that in mind. Try brown rice, rotisserie chicken and hard boiled eggs, all with a bit of salt and pepper. There are no grains in this. They are hard to digest. All three of these foods have protein which can help you to feel satiated. Try small amounts, like a quarter cup total and eat a bit every couple of hours.

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I would try soup, maybe puree it might be easier to digest. I would stay away from milk.


Thank you, will do;)


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