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Swollen lymph nodes in groin as symptom?


I have been experiencing pelvic and lower back pain for the last few weeks. I have also noticed that all of the glands in my groin and lower stomach are slightly enlarged. Just under my belly button there are tiny glands that feel almost like beads that were not there before. Was this a symptom of ovarian cancer that you experienced?

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Hi there ... I think you should return to see your GP. Ovarian cancer is relatively rare so the chances are that you don't have it. A GP, on average, sees a case of Ovarian once every five years. When campaigners want to see a greater awareness of the symptoms of Ovarian, they don't do it because there are lots of women with Ovarian. (Although one woman is too many.) They do it to get doctors to see Ovarian as a differential diagnosis so women can be treated earlier to save lives and prevent unnecessary distress.

The standard for suspected Ovarian is a CT scan. Unless a growth is over 2 cm, it's unlikely to be noticed anyway. Often, Ovarian cancer at the start is a scattering of smaller growths which look a bit like measles. Many women are diagnosed through the testing of fluid taken from the abdomen or from the pleural cavity around the lung. Not many women get an MRI.

I noticed from your other posts that your CA125 was 14 when it was taken. There are roughly 7500 women diagnosed each year with a Ovarian. Between 10 and 20% will have a CA125 within the normal range but it may be raised from their own normal. For example, they may be 18 before treatment but 9 afterwards.

I just wonder why you think you may have Ovarian. Do you have other symptoms?

Ovacome has a symptom tracker you can use and it's a good idea to print out the result and take it with you if you're worried.


One of the friends here suggested you might call the Ovacome helpline. Did you do that? If not, I would recommend you do. Staff at Ovacome are very experienced in the issues you've raised and will be able to advise on the next steps you could take. It's free to call and they're open from ten tomorrow morning. Here's the link which gives the number and details of how they can help:


In any event, I hope you get some more reassurance soon.

Sue xx



Thanks so much for your reply. It is very difficult for me to get a CT as the doctor refuses to radiate me as all of my transvaginal ultrasounds have come back clear. The reason I think I may have ovarian cancer is because I have had persistent pelvic and hip pain, bloating and swollen groin nodes for 2 months now. I have been treated for PID and a UTI which did not seem to help. I just don't know what else it could be. I am waiting for an MRI as my doctor feels this can image soft tissue better than CT. I am extremely worried and don't know what to do.


Enlarged lymph glands can be a sign of many things such as an infection. Please get yourself checked out by your GP


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