Spread to the Spine?

Hello there!

Just wondering if any of you lovely ladies have had or know about spread of ovarian cancer to the spine? What are your/the symptoms you have heard? I've been Googling it and there seems to be so little information on it since it's quite rare but I'm worried that the cancer has spread to the spine since my Mum has begun to have one sided arm and leg weakness/numbness.

This is happening following the 4th cycle of chemo and the debulking surgery.

Thanks in advance!

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  • Hi

    Easier said than done but please try not to worry. I really do think you need to share your concern with your mum's CNS or Consultant. I had a similar sort of thing, back pain, pain in neck, (and I'm not referring to hubby!) turned out that the chemo had triggered off arthritis. Best advice, if you haven't already had it, is stay away from Google, because before you know where you are you will have every disease going, let alone your mum! I know because it's natural to google and I had myself dead and buried but still here over 9 years later. I hope you get an answer soon. Big hugs to you and your mum. Kathy xxx

  • Your reply is so inspiring and the bit about your hubby made me chuckle! My worry is that she is stage 4 so every symptom sends me off to Google! Sending a virtual hug back! I needed that hehe :)

  • My oncologist told me that Ovarian cancer is very unlikely to spread into bones.

  • Hello, since she is stage 4 it makes me worry. Thank you for replying, that helps that your oncologist said that.

  • I was stage 4 too. I had awful hip and lower back pain after chemo finished and stiffness in my joints. I mentioned to my oncologist and they got my pelvis xray. It turned out I have osteoporosis and a lacking of vitamin D. I now take 2 capuals a month and I hardly have any pain now.

  • I have this numbness too but I just think it's nerve damage after chemo it is intermittent for me but please like Kathy has already said check this out with CNN and consultant.... best wishes and big hugs Shelly x

  • Is yours one sided numbness too? Hers is particularly bad in one leg and that too comes and goes. Thanks for replying, I contacted the oncology department so hopefully I'll hear back soon. Best wishes to you too and a big hug :)

  • I had hip pain and had mri and ct scan in May which showed inflammation, Had xrays and asked for dexa scan ie scan of bones. It appears that the chem has thinned the bones, my gp says this does happen, I am on Fosavance and have had a good few months of physio and feel ready now to start walking again, In fact I am taking it slowing just on the flat areas with good supportive shoes. So perhaps speak to the team or your Mums gp and get painkillers etc for her

  • Hi there

    I do know that one of my consultants told me 5years ago when I complained of achy bones and joints , that OC and PPC was not known to spread to bones. However scans did show " arthritic changes in my vertebrae " which would explain the pains. That was in my case but your Mums consultant will explain reason for her pain. I think mine was side effect of chemo but it's a small price to pay to buy some NED time. The best of luck and I hope you can be reassured by all the replies . Take care


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