Half marathon Hyde Park today

I went to support my lovely son today, running for a children's hospice,the atmosphere was amazing and my 2 year old grandson and I made a banner,with lots of sponge painted dinosaurs on.

Just wanted to congratulate and thank the people I saw running for Ovarian Cancer,they got a special cheer from me.

I am determined to do a run(or walk) for Ovarian cancer charity in the next year,I feel inspired!

Hope all you ladies are doing well

Carole xxx

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  • Amazing how people give up their time for charity and do these walks:runs. Definitely be something to aim for for next year. You go girl. Xx

  • Thanks Millie,it was lovely and I so plan to,

    Hope you are feeling well

    Carole xxx

  • Ah that was lovely of your son to run for such a worthy cause and I bet you and your grandson had great fun making those banners. Yes its certainly food for thought for 2017

  • Thanks Suzuki,

    You always cheer me up and motivate me,

    Hope you are feeling good at the moment


  • I am okay got a wisdom tooth out so now have a reason for being silly. Still at physio etc but getting there.

  • You get yourself better, my thoughts are with you


    Carole xxx

  • Glad you had a good day, the atmosphere at these events is always good. I'm sure your grandson had great fun making a banner with his grandma. It's amazing how so much is collected with the charity walks / runs / bike rides etc.

  • Thank u January,

    We had great fun,I had some sponge dinasours on me too!

    There were so many lovely people giving up their time to run for so many charities and the atmosphere was great,

    I hope you are well

    Carole xxx

  • I definitely want to do something too it is so inspiring 👏🏻👏🏻

  • Hey Shellygirl,

    If you live near me we could work together!

    Carole xx

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