Hi everyone, I am off to see my oncologist this morning I am now seeing him every four weeks. The last time I saw him my CA 125 had gone up quite a lot ,so instead of every six weeks it's now every four weeks I see him. I am praying that my numbers have gone down . If not I will probably have to go back on chemo, . Hope all you lovely people are keeping well as well as you can be with this horrible

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  • Good luck today Juliette, I hope your CA125 has reduced or at least stayed level. Let us know how you get on. Big hugs and lots of love ❤️Xx Jane

  • Thankyou Jane , we are at the hospital now ,a bit early as my appointment isn't till 11 20 so just having a coffee.last month we had a bit of a wait so hopefully he'll be on time today. Will let you know how I get on, hope you still keeping well.

  • Xxxx big hugs to you too.

  • Fingers crossed for you Juliette xx

  • Thankyou yosh ,xx

  • Good Luck Juliette, keeping everything crossed. Please let us know how you get on, I will be thinking of you. xx Kathy xx

  • Thankyou Kathy xx

  • Good luck Juliette xx

  • Thankyou Jessica xx

  • Good luck Juliette!


  • Thankyou Juliette xx

  • Thankyou everyone for your best wishes. Just got back from hospital and my CA 125 as gone down from 370 to 320 . So now see him in six weeks instead of four. Love Julie xxx

  • Good news! Hope it continues to go down.

    Best wishes, Ali x

  • Thanks Ali, I hope all went well with your oncologist. And your ca125 will start going down. Love and best wishes Julie xx

  • Good news it's gone down. You must be very pleased to be back to every six weeks.

  • Thankyou Helen, and hope everything better for you too. Yes you are right about the weather being disruptive, especially if you have to travel far for your treatment. Where we are living in North West Yorkshire it's given heavy rain and gales tomorrow. 😏Love and best wishes Julie xx

  • Just saw your post Julie. So glad the ca125 is going in the right direction. Good news. Xx

  • Hi Millie, yes I was so glad he told me that. He did say if it hadn't gone down he would see about CT scan , I hope you are ok too. Xx

  • Hi Juliette, I was just your post and hoping it was going to be alright, ( it's 10am Saturday morning here ) then I read your later post and its gone down great news hope it continues..

    Take care Lorraine xx'

  • Thanks Lorraine,I was just looking at your profile, my ca125 was similar to yours two years ago mine wAs 2, was happy about the results. Hope you are well . It's 9pm here and blowing a gale and raining . It soundscape lovely where you are .🙂 Xxx

  • Great to hear about CA125 actually going down. Hope it continues in that direction.

  • Hi Katie, thanks for your reply. Hope you keeping well . Love and best wishes Julie xx

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