I wanted NED

Hello lovely ladies,

I'm so confused... Went for my scan results and am told there is a small "thing" in a lymph node in my left lung and a small "thing" in my spleen. They will keep an eye on, come back in 2 months. Abdomen is clear, great new there at least.

Should I be worried and concerned, I feel like a partially deflated balloon. Really don't know what to feel or do..

Any help ladies??


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  • This sounds like 'stable' to me. I know you don't want to know other things are lurking, but they might be tiny, and your team will keep an eye on it. I have never been quite NED - nodules were mentioned occasionally. Partially deflated balloon is what a lot of us are I guess! :) I try very hard to forget about my insides and then life gets a bit better!

  • I think a small thing translates into 'we don't know' however on the plus side it could be a cyst, I had one on my kidney which went on it's own, I also have calcification in my lung cavity which isn't cancer related but from an infection as a child - the things you learn!

    I think our balloons are sometimes whizzing around the room expelling air and then caught and refilled. However all in all I think it's sounds positive

    LA xx

  • Thank you, I spoke to my CNS today and have a clearer understanding and am much, much happier tonight.... Phew!

    It is good news and I know I'm a lucky lucky lady

    Hugs to you all


  • Glad to hear you had your concerns addressed and cleared up. Enjoy your news.

  • Good to know you have clarified matters with your CNS, I think they are happy enough with you at the moment so sit back and relax and plan a nice treat for yourself

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