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Just rung the GP to check that the CA125 results are back ahead of Onc appointment on Friday (what? WhatCa125? Oh did you have that tested?)

Dozy receptionist said 'oh Doctor hasn't seen them yet'. So I explain that I need a printed copy to collect on Thursday. She says she will ring back to confirm. When she rings back a few minutes later she announces breezily 'oh yes your CA 125 is 25'. So I'm NED!!!! Again!!!!

She clearly had no idea what she was telling that good or bad?

Ahh sooo relieved to all Lxx

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Hi lovely,

A CA125 of 25 is normal range which is fantastic but how on earth she can say your NED again without seeing the CT results and not being a doctor is completely f**ked up but it’s a very good sign being a CA125 of 25 so hopefully the scan results reflect the CA125 xxx


Your a ticket you made me laugh out loud.

Ann Nora 🍀


Great news Lyndy, long may it last!! Jo x


Great news, stay well


Hi Lyndy,

Your surgery sounds as mine - receptionists cannot run off the results (at least in our area and GP practice) and are not trained to understand the actual results of any tests, even those most frequently requested. A doc is the only one authorised to interpret result info. and then the receptionists can relay that over the phone. And if your surgery is anything like mine, I am only the third OC patient they've had in the past 20 years and certainly the only one of the three of us who has lived long enough to be having CA125 tests more than the initial diagnostic one!

Hope today is a good day to keep celebrating this result - great stuff, keep going.



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