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Phew! What a day!

I was just starting to make puddings for tomorrow when, at 11.30 AM I got a call from Jimmies in Leeds to find out why I had not turned up for my first radio therapy treatment. I said that my letter listed Monday as the first day. "Oh" they said "didn't you get the letter changing the times? We have to start today because we don't work on Good Friday, how soon can you get here?".

Off I trotted to Leeds, leaving the kitchen in a tip, had my RT, and started back only to get a text from my sister to say she has "had a heart thing" while looking after her grand daughters. Luckily her son is a paramedic and got the ambulance out but she is now seriously bored in hospital. Waiting for an angiogram and will not be out until Tuesday. I do not know if she is in Mold or Chester! In addition I cannot get over there because it is a two hour drive each way and I have my hot pot supper tomorrow.

I managed, when I got back, to make two chocolate mousse tarts, a pear and almond tart and a vegetarian chilli! I am now seriously knackered! I still have to cook rice, make couscous and heat up the other casseroles which I took out of the freezer this evening.

I just hope that I can stay awake! I have also done three machine loads of washing!

Thaks for "listening" I now feel better!

Love Margaret! XX

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Hi Margaret,

I'm exhausted just taking all this in, I am sorry that you've had such a bad day, I hope your sister will be better soon..... sending you my best wishes love x G x


Hi Margaret,

Sorry to hear about your sister.

I feel tired just reading about your day!

I am sure your hot pot supper will be fantastic- the mention of pear and almond tart is making me hungry.

Take care

Anne x


Margaret, you are a marvel! I can only just imagine how I would cope with all that you are coping with ....... I nearly get a migraine just thinking about it. All the medical stuff, the domestic stuff , the family stuff ........ PPHEW! I am full of admiration. You really are one top lady ;-)

How was the RT? I hope it wasn't too traumatic.

I hope you manage to find a bit of time to relax tomorrow before your hot pot supper and I hope that your sister is OK.

Love n hugs to you (((xxx)))

Wendy xx


Thanks for the hugs Wendy! I needed them!

RT was a doddle! quite relaxing really! I have put all the crockery out and every knife fork and spoon that I have (except for my silver plated stuff). Some people will have to eat out of bowls! I have discovered a packet of quinoa in the pantry so I shall make a pan of that, a big pan of boiled rice and a dish of couscous! All that remains to be done is whip the cream! and put out the mascarpone!

And so to bed! LOL!


Hope you sleep the sleep of the just!

As my Grannie used to say to me 'Night-night and sweet repose, sleep on your back and you won't break your nose' ;-)

Love W xx




oooohhh. Cam only say I am in awe of you spirit and purpose. Keep is going.


Dear Margaret, I hope your sister is ok, I hope your supper is a great success, and most of all I hope after tonight that you get a few days to recover and take it easy. Maybe time for an Indian head massage and a trip to the hairdresser? Or whatever floats your boat.


Linda xxx


I think you need one massive big hug, you are one amazing lady, try not to crash after the weekend.

Love and BIG hugs from Tina xxxx


never mind after the weekend I am ready to crash now! luckily all is ready and I am going to lie down for a couple of hours. I am waiting for news of my sister!


You are definitely good for us Margaret. Rousing in a good way and a defence against getting too wrapped up in this damned disease!! Now - where can i find a large washng to do - as if I didn't know!!

More power to you, my dear - hope your party goes well and that there is good news for your sister soon.

Best regards - Bunty


Dear Margaret aka WonderWoman!!!!

You really are putting us all to shame with your energy.

Hope the supper goes well- I'd come if I lived nearer, it all sounds delicious.

Perhaps you can get someone to drive you to your sister on Sunday?


Anne xx


Most of my friends think driving to Leeds is a major effort! I shall try next week end when she should be out of hospital!


wow Margaret I need a rest now. Full of admiration for your stamina. Hope your sister will be okay.

Love and hugs

Hilary xxxxx


Dear Margaret ,

Thinking about you xx and so hope your sister will be home soon .

Your supper sounds amazing just like you .

Don't forget to put your feet up when its over and everything has been eaten !

Love Jan xxxx


Hi Jan!

Thank goodness for dishwashers! I have been lying down all afternoon in order to have enough stamina for tonight!


Blimey Margaret, and people say I make them tired. You are a dynamo! Stupid X-ray people clearly cannot organise themselves but you show them up... Hope it's all going well tonight! And that you find time to hop over to see your sister - hopefully on the mend...


Sue xxx


Hope your evening went well you make me really smile with your take on things and your energy for getting on with life - you are fab.

I hope your sister is well soon.

Much love and laughter

Amanda x


Yippee! Raised £255.40 £100 each for Ovacome and Target OC, the balance to Macmillan (made up to £60) plus a lot of TOC leaflets winging their way to outlets all over york! A very successful evening. And now for my Samuel Pepys moment.

Ps the pear and Almond tart was amazing and the chocolate mousse tarts also proved popular.


Party over! We raised £255.40 for OC, TOC and Macmillan!


Bloody wonderful! 8-) Well done, Wonderwoman!

Love W xx


Dear Margaret

How do you do it? like everyone else, I'm speechless with admiration.

Congrats on the successful fundraising. Have a rest now.

Love Mary xx


Hi Mary!

To be honest I do not know either! As they say "just keep putting one foot in front of the other!

I have some quorn chilli left over so I'll just heat that up with some rice! I am going out to buy eggs and one or two other things! The last load is in the dishwasher and I am having toast & jam with real butter for breakfast instead of my usual healthy fruit!



Wow Margaret, that is an amazing amount of work ...and then rushing off to have Rt in the middle of all the preparation!!! Glad it all went really well and that now you can have a bit of a rest. I do hope your sister will be on the mend soon.

Sheila x


she is getting a lot of poking and prodding tomorrow. her husband is with their son and his family in Mold. Perhaps they will see how little he is prepare to try to do and be a bit more supportive of her from now on!

Happy Mother's Day all! my son rang! he is on a rugby tour with his son! It is such a lovely day here!


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