Devastating news about the California fires🎉🎉

Hi ladies, I was just watching the news and the devastation the fires have coursed

in your beautiful country, I can understand the fear and the heart break, I live in a fire zone in the mountains. once you have the fire and the winds it just about unstoppable.

It just shows you how fast life can change as we all know !!

All I can say is I hope it's under control soon and my heart goes out to all in the fire zone. Take care Lorraine xx

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  • Hi Lorraine, it's so sad I have been keeping a way from the news latly it's so depressing. I am a bit of a doom & gloom kind of person so I listen to my local radio station that tends to be very up lifting.

    I have family in the USA, Spain & Canada so my ears prick up if anything is happening in their part of the world.

    Where I am we have the New Forest & when there is a heatwave we do have fires at the moment we are ok. Thank you for posting take care Cindyxx

  • Hi Lorraine

    From Sydney and just saw the news update .... Very sad indeed 😔

  • Thank you, Lorraine. Although I live on the East Coast of the USA, I have close family near the fire zones. They are considering evacuating long before it becomes mandatory. These fires are moving fast and better to leave now and pray you have a home to come back to.

    I tell you, I think I would rather deal with our hurricanes than a fire.

    Thank you for your concern. Our country has been thru so much sadness lately.

  • Do hope your family stay safe and things calm down for you soon. 🤞 Fingers crossed! Hope the hurricanes didn't affect you. Solange 😊Xx

  • Hi Solange, I live in the Southeast, on the coast, so we've gotten beat up a bit with Hurricane Irma, but nothing beyond tedious yard cleanup and power outage for a bit. Still praying for the Caribbean. So sad.

  • My penpal of over 50 years lives 2 hours east of San Francisco, she hasn't had rain for 2 years. In 1996 we were in the Napa Valley such a beautiful area. Such awful things happening lately, poor people. x

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