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Dilated bile duct & high liver enzymes, any ideas?



I've been waiting two weeks to find out what my Onc & SN are going to do about abdo pain. Some of it is due to a narrowed colon but the bit I want to ask you about is a dilated Common Bile Duct (CBD). I though about posting on the LIver Trust site but I though I'd try here first. I do have metastases on the liver capsule, but not IN the liver, and it's under control. I've been through chemo, debulking, chemo & am now on Avastin and some of my abdo pain may be due to adhesions but here's the mystery :-

A recent CT Scan showed a CBD dilated to 16mm (which is bordering on the severe) but no gallstones, and I've never had them or bile or gall bladder problems in the past. The liver enzymes in my blood show ALT 81, ALP 471 and GGT 609 - all very high, but bilirubin is normal and I'm not yellow or vomiting - I just have really bad abdominal pain right across my diaphragm; I'm often doubled over with it and feel a bit nauseous, but I'm still able to eat small meals and not ill enough for hospital.

Any ideas? The not knowing is driving me potty!


Iris x

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Hi Iris,

Sorry, I can't help but just wanted to let you know I was thinking of you. It is awful being in pain or nauseous, so good luck with it all. Sx

Irisisme in reply to Hectoria

Thank you, I was hoping to get an answer today but, so far, not a peep! There's always do much waiting, isn't there?

suzuki in reply to Irisisme

my liver bloods are high and I am supposed to cut out fatty foods and drink, I dont drink anyhow unless on holidays. Eat plenty of veg and small amounts of meat and cut down on surgary stuff, that might bring the bloods down a bit. I am supposed to lose weight well a little but havent been great at trying

Irisisme in reply to suzuki

Sorry for the delay. Thanks for replying. Yes, I've made changes too, definitely leaving the alcohol alone ☹️

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