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Brilliant service from my hospice

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I just thought I would share this with you as I am so pleased. last month I was talking to a nurse at the hospice and happened to mention I didn't have a blue badge. She was surprised and referred me to the social worker. The Social Worker asked me a few questions and also if I was claiming PIP which I wasn't. I left it with her. A week later I received my blue badge and yesterday my PIP allowance came through. I am shocked how quick this has happened but so happy. It also feels a bit strange as I have never claimed any benefits xxx


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Glad to see you got what you are entitled to. xx

Applied for ESA and got it straight away after my diagnosis-am now going to apply for PIP as will soon be back in treatment of some sort. It is very strange but we pay in so that we get help when we need it.

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It's just unfortunate that not everyone does pay in some people just assume they're entitled to it!! Xxx

Hi There! Could you tell me what PIP is? I told my mum that she was probably entitled to some sort of disability benefit but she refused to do anything about it! From the sounds of it, there is more than one type of benefit to get

Personal independence payment ask your McMillan nurse about it xx

I found my local hospice day centre very helpful.

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