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Hello ladies, I hope you're all having a lovely Saturday evening.

I need some help please from all you Christie goers. I am thinking of transferring my care to Christies owing to its excellent reputation and my disillusion with my current care team and I just wanted any recommendations for 'positive / skilled gynaecological oncologists' before I arrange my meeting.

I've read about their staff on the internet but it's not the same as listening to people's first hand experiences.

Thank you in advance and enjoy the X Factor

Sarah xxx

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  • Hi Sarah,

    Edited.. Sarah I will message you. I have just realised we are not allowed to name names of clinicians here.

    Debs xx

  • Thank you for your swift response and great news for your progress. I have stage 4 OC and have been with my oncologist for just over a year - our relationship is not meant to be! He is exceptionally negative with me and I don't need that in my life. There's a difference between realism and pessimism which he doesn't seem to understand. At my three monthly appointment I was actually going to get my oncologist to refer me, but if I can go through my gp that might be easier. I'm not the easiest or most compliment patient - I constantly research and challenge and aim to be involved in my care which he hates. I've also just had treatment (secondary debulking)in Belgium because I wasn't happy with his treatment recommendations, so I guess I'm not his most favourite person. Sorry for the rant. I saw him on Thursday and he knocked the stuffing out of me with his negativity. Xx

  • Get that doc out of your life. Mentally, he has already buried you. Find a doctor who respects your intelligence and energy. I am alive today because my doctor is energetic, positive and truly invested in saving his patients. Before I met with him I figured I was walking dead with no hope. 13 months in remission today.

  • Thank you for your message. So pleased your in remission, that's amazing! Where are you receiving treatment if you don't mind me asking? X

  • Pacific Gynecology Specialists, Seattle Washington.

  • Also can you tell me a little bit about him please? X

  • A very skilled surgeon who welcomes challenging cases. Extremely upbeat! An inspirational human being who knows the power of the mind/body connection.

  • Hi Sarah, EDITED.. Sorry I hadn't realised this platform does not allow the naming of clinicians names. I will message you x

    Whereabouts are you?

    On the main Ovacome page, there is an article highlighted on the right explaining how to get a second opinion.

    Sadly what you've experienced is not uncommon. Some oncologists seem to get frustrated that we do our own research then have the temerity to ask awkward questions. I shudder to think how women managed this heinous disease pre internet.

    I was referred by request from my GP who very helpfully wrote a letter to The Chistie earlier this year. Thankfully I got a quick appointment and was in treatment again fairly rapidly. My previous oncologist was fine about it and didn't take it personally, not that I'd be overly worried if he was. Like you, I'm stage 4 and hanging onto my life is my priority.

    Hope that helps and good luck

    Debs xx

  • Hi Sarah. Everyone on here always praises "The Prof" when talking about Christie's. Hopefully he is the only prof there but I am sure someone will pm you his full name.

    I have to know, did you opt for the treatment in Latvia? I think it was called virology or something similar.


  • Not yet, I opted for treatment in Belgium instead. A wonderful woman (from here) introduced me to a professor at Leuven hospital and he was so positive that he could optimally debulk me (I was suboptimally debulked a year ago in England) using a tool called a plasma jet and then give me an aramataze inhibitor to stop future growth that I chose to go with him as my first choices. Have you read the book 'lifelines to cancer' it says you need a triad of treatment plans so you've always got plan a,b and c. My plan a is now Leuven and the professor, plan b is a cannabis clinic in Barcelona and plan c is my virotheraphy as I have already been vetted and accepted for that. Christies may have to be shuffled into one of those plans too now xx

  • I will take a look at that book. Sounds like you are very proactive in your treatment and I wish you well in your treatment. Do keep us informed with how everything is going. Information is power!


  • Just checked......virotherapy. Jenny

  • Hi Sarah

    I'm not at the Christie but I'm interested in how this goes for you. I've been treated by the most wonderful oncologist for my first line but devastated to learn that he is retiring in November as I feel safe with him.

    I'm wondering what my options are because I had already gone out of my local area to find him as my local hospital is in special measures.

    xx L

  • Where do you live?

  • I have messaged you, I am a Christies patient ❤️Xx Jane

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