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Well ladies meet new oncologist today first had a meeting with her registrar ,who was lovely told me for the first time that I have stage 4 cancer and difficult to operate on that is why I have not been given an operation,at the moment he said my cancer is stable and I am well and the longer I stay like this the better but I have to carry on with enoxaparin injections and they will see me in 4 months ,then I meet the oncologist lady very nice told me how well I looked and I need them before the 4 months the to ring .First impression ok ,first bit of information I had in7 months .xxxAnn

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  • Sounds like a good start to a new relationship!

  • Lets hope so xxxAnn

  • I was the same felt short changed I would have preferred surgery , that was last treatment febuary this year , I felt and still look brill back at the gym ,suit the pixie hair infact iv had three haircuts , last check he said my blood up slightly but not too worry as this can happen just praying it's not back , I don't even take a painkiller I see them carrying their belly getting surgery def feel I'd have preferred surgery and can't get my head round it

  • I understand the surgery bit that's because we want it out of us ...... me at keep fit twice a week ,have not got the OC belly but it does puff up with the injections and the rash ,but can still bend and touch my toes :) xxxxAnn

  • Hi Ann, I just read your post and also your I hate one as that was where I was yesterday but today do feel a bit better. I am in a similar position, but not so well at the minute so you enjoy yourself as much as you can. I am also in between oncologists as my usual consultant has just retired. I have not yet met replacement, hopefully at the beginning of the month. I have just started 3rd line calyx as I have ascites, so fingers crossed it works.I know how hard it is to put it in the back of your mind even when you feel well and have yet to master that, but know it is so important to try especially for the family. Wishing you a long remission and hope you are able to get away on holiday. I just love to be away when I am well even just a couple of days. Best wishes and thank you for your posts, has helped me. Sue x

  • Oh sue I am sorry to read you are feeling down and I wish I was one of these clever women on this site to find the words to encourage you but I am not !right or wrong have a rant throw a dish or two have a good cry and shout out loud this is not fair, then pick yourself up and fight I believe in you xxxxAnn

  • So pleased for you. Ann xo

  • Doesn't it make a difference when you are spoken to like an intelligent human being rather than just another case!

    I hope you keep well for a very long time.


    Anne xx

  • I agree, it is nice to meet an oncologist and consultant who treats you like a human being not a number on a file. I am lucky with my oncologist, we have a long relationship and I hope it continues for my sake. He is extremely busy has to run in between hospitals for clinics etc but has never ever been cross. He is kind and that makes a difference

  • I think this site is great very factual woman supporting each other ,without the tears and putting worries to rest , also iv had more I formation here than anywhere thank u people

  • Must be something about being 48/9 and having an abdominal met that hangs around - but now I'm 50 so hoping its peed off and taken yours with it. I didn't have many symptoms either so I empathise and worry that i might be missing something, just pleased you haven't had a better experience and feel stronger lots of hugs Amanda xxx

  • Hate iPads should be HAVE had - sorry xxxxxxx

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