New oncologist???

Morning for those of you that know my story so far,I am again asking for some insight.As you know I had an MRI scan done last Wednesday,as ongoing investigation ( already had ultra sound and ct scan with dye previously ),received a letter this morning to go to see a different oncologist to morrow morning.would there be any one else on here that this has happened to,thanks in advance x

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  • Hi Poeticlady, I've had the same oncologist since March 2014, then suddenly had an appointment come for a different oncologist for my next assessment in June. I rang my specialist nurse and told her I was not feeling confident about seeing someone else, she looked into it and it was because mine was on holiday, but she managed to get it changed to the week before with my usual one, hope this helps, Trudy xx

  • Thanks for your reply NannyT ,my first appointment was on the 8th April,then I was sent for ultra sound then next appointment was on the 28th April but was sent for ct scan on 3rd May,then got sent for a MRI scan last Wednesday,so I have only met my oncologist twice,before.although this new one tomorrow is nearer home.x

  • Good luck for tomorrow xx

  • thank you x

  • Although I am listed under one oncologist, in the cancer centre I attend, there are 3 who look after the ladies with ovarian cancer and I could be seen by any one of them. I really don't mind this at all as they are all really nice and it means if one is off on holiday etc, then seeing one of the others is not a problem for us. Good luck for tomorrow. Ann xo

  • i have seen one consultant and six registrars in near eighteen months. So yes i know what its like. I have spoken to my Gp about it.Plus other things thats happened.Cant fault the chemo nurses though they are brilliant. Meg xx

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