Right oncologist ?

Hi, I wonder if any of you can help? After several calls to the hospital I have found out I have an appointment with an oncologist next week. I got the doctors name and, of course, googled it. The doctor is named on the MDT for breast cancer. My question is should I be concerned that it is not a gynae onc or does it matter? Sorry if I sound a bit paranoid but I feel it's been a battle to get to where I am now. Sx

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  • Hi Bearup,

    My oncologist deals with all types of cancer,but he is private,sounds like it is the same all over,but wait until you see the other ladies replies

    Carole xx

  • Hello Bearup!

    I did have a gynae onc for both of my surgeries but the Medical Oncologist who dealt with the Chemo end of the treatment did all cancers he wasn't just Gynae!

    Hope this helps!


  • My onc was and is Gynae based but I did see a breast cancer one for a consultation and he order wrong cancer marker which was a bit confusing for me 😫

  • Thanks for getting back - how did you find out he made a mistake?

  • .....I've had so many hiccups up to now, I feel I have to question everything. Sx

  • Oh dear, just re-read my reply, I meant question doctors etc. Sorry if it sounds like I am questioning you! Sx

  • It was on my blood form the usual one ca125 wasn't there think it was ca153 which I was unfamiliar with I panicked as o thought they must suspect I've got something else going on so I mentioned it to my Gynae onc who said he had requested wrong marker and it was nothing for me to worry about but something out of the ordinary like that scares you when your worrying about your outcome ... It turned out that it was nothing really ... I think you just have to be aware of what to expect and check anything out that your unsure if 😃

    Ps totally understand and I think you have to question and not blindly trust as non of us are perfect including onc I want to be in control as much as possible and get best treatment 😃

  • Thank you, I will. It must have been an awful worry for you and glad it turned out to be nothing to worry about. Hope you are doing well now. Sarahx

  • It was a worry as you don't really know what and why they are testing and haven't got the full picture and if you do Google in the attempt to find out more it can scare you even more ... I'm doing ok now just awaiting end if treatment results and recovering from chemo gaining strength everyday ❤️ I also had separate Gynae surgeon but not seen her since just after surgery 😖

  • I try to avoid googling too much, it just upsets and confuses me. Hope everything goes well with your results and you continue to get stronger each day. Wishing you all the very best. Sarahx

  • Thank you and I wish you the same 😍😍

  • Also, I have a separate Gynae surgeon

    Carole xx

  • Hi Bearup, do ask questions of your onc (I find writing them down before hands helps) and bear in mind it's perfectly acceptable and standard practise to ask for a second opinion if you wish one. You can also ask the onc, who they would recommend. You may well be completely reassured once you have the appointment but it's good to have a 'just in case' set of questions- you can always choose not to ask them!

    There may be some useful suggestions about what to ask on both the Ovacome and Target Ovarian Cancer websites....

    Wishing you hope and strength Sx

    Ps my Onc was both Gyny and Gastro-intestinal!

  • Thanks for your reply, I will have a look at the both websites. I know my surgeon was gynae oncology but the oncologist I'm seeing next week is not named on the MDT. I will ask questions next week. Always feels like more questions than ishing you all the best. Sx

  • HI there, most Oncologists deal with different type Cancers and they have the experience to prescribe or not prescribe the correct chemo for your condition, My guy does everything, The gynae Oncologist is a surgeon who operates on gynae related cancers. He is specialised in this type of work only. Oncologist liases with all surgeons who refers patients to him for a medical opinion. I hope this explains it a little to you.

  • Thanks for your reply. All a very steep learning curve. Wishing you all the best, Sx

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