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3rd reccurance

I am looking for advice as my stage 3c OC has returned for the third time in two yrs. I have done the standard chemo regimine carboplatin and taxitere first time than Gemzar and astvastin the second time. Have not been on any special diet or supplements. I was in remmission 3mths the first time and 2mths the second time. If you have any advice about treatments or meds or diets anything at all i would love to hear it. Thx

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I believe PARPS are available as 3rd line treatment.

Definitely look into eating to beat Cancer. It's a book by Chris Woolams I think.

Hesitant to say it again but Care Oncology Clinic protocol working for me. I really believe that. I do worry though that some of your Oncos will be cross with me for trying to put across this unorthodox treatment. & maybe I do it too often. I do apologise if that's the case, to everyone. Perhaps it does not work for all, but I so want you all as well as I am right now.

Google it, research their repurposed drugs, read the papers on each re cancer.

Stay fierce xx

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Thank you i am actually going on a parp inhibitor


Super. Let us know how you go x


If your oc is hormone receptive, could hormone therapy delay the need for further chemo? I had 6 months on Arimidex before my first line of chemo. Then after having carbo followed by weekly taxol, I had more hormone therapy before starting Caelyx about 18 months after finishing taxol. Di


Did you do IP chemo stomach wash chemo try it I'm stage 3c clear cell ovarian cancer. I've been cancer free since 2014


Never heard of this!

Can you give me a bit more info?


Not all hospitals and Drs do it. The hospital my Dr works with didn't either. My Dr A. Hakim Palm springs, sent me to City of Hope. It's called IP chemo. Intraperitoneal chemotherapy. AKA stomach wash chemo. It's supposed to add 18 months to 3 yes keeping people from getting cancer back and extension of life. I went to the hospital and stayed two nights. You arrive and the put you on a slow drip of paxitroxil? , For 24 hrs after giving premeds. No biggy then they give about a two hr break and you would need a port for chemo attached to your lower rib. The line goes into your stomach cavity. Then they put premeds in your arm again and then the put chemo usually cisplatin? In after it's in they try to get a liter of saline solution in. It fills up your stomach it's not painful but it is uncomfortable. Bloated. Takes about 3 days to feel back to normal. I was able to do this twice. Then cystpllatin became to strong. So then they switched to sister drug carboplatin. Then I would go to the hospital get iv chemo in arm then carboplatin in stomach. The next week back for troxil chemo in stomach. I ended up having 18 rounds of chemo 14 we're with stomach wash. I didn't stop got two bags of blood helps immune system. Best not to get breaks between. Google intraperitoneal chemotherapy. Started in the 60 's then it went away they brought it back because it works. If your Dr won't do it. Find someone else. It may help you. Best wishes for your recovery. Liz


Thank you for this info i will check it out.


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